Available blade sizes

Blade option one 660x7.9 mm<br/>26x0.312 in.
Blade option two 711x7.9 mm<br/>28x0.312 in.

Disk blades

Spacing 26.7 cm<br/>10.5 in.
Quantity 58
Blade concavity Standard: high<br/>Optional: low
Type Notched (front) Notched (rear)<br/>StandardSmooth (front) Smooth (rear)<br/>OptionalNotched (front) Smooth (rear)<br/>Optional

Disk gangs

Scrapers Adjustable
Rear angle 3 Positions
Axle size 4.1 cm<br/>1.625 in.<br/>or 5.4 cm<br/>2.125 in.
Bearing standards Welded, reinforced
Axle material Round heat treated alloy steel, threaded on both ends
Front angle 3 Positions
Bearing wear plates Standard
Bearing type Oil bath tapered roller


Duty General Purpose
Type Tandem double offset
Tube size 15.2x10.2x0.95 cm<br/>6x4x0.375 in.


Front hitch type Spade

Lighting and safety

Safety tow chain Yes
Markings SMV
Lights Yes

Set-up time

Labor hours 4 - 6 for two people


Type Eight implement
Size 11L x 15 in. 8 ply
Wheel hub type 8 Bolt

Tractor requirements

Recommended drawbar hp range 164.1+ kW<br/>220+ hp


Ground clearance with base blades 20.3 cm<br/>8 in.
Height 4 m<br/>13.2 ft
Wheel hub bearings Dual Tapered Roller Bearings
Length 8.5 m<br/>28 ft
Width 4.2 m<br/>13.67 ft, in.


Time period 1 year


Weight per disk blade 145.1 kg<br/>320 lb
Net 7842.6 kg<br/>17290 lb


Maximum penetration 22.9 cm<br/>9 in.
Approximate working width 7.2 m<br/>23.5 ft, in.