John Deere Tractor Rentals

As an authorized John Deere dealer, we’re proud to carry industry-leading equipment that features cutting-edge Precision Ag technology for enhanced connectivity, remote crop monitoring, and on-the-go diagnostics.

To handle a wide variety of projects, it’s important to have easy access to a diverse selection of machines you can count on. A partnership with Papé means you can go to work with the right equipment for every task, every day. For agriculture operations both large and small, we offer John Deere tractor rentals and other farm equipment rentals. When it comes to leasing outstanding equipment that will help you keep up with seasonal demand, Papé Machinery has you covered.

Choosing the Right Tractor

At Papé Machinery, we offer four classes of tractor rentals to meet the needs of local agricultural operations throughout the western United States. And though many of these tractors seem similar, they offer highly specialized uses for a variety of tasks. Learn more about the types of machines we offer and how each one can help you meet your business goals.

  • 4WD Tractors - These heavy-duty machines are built with both power and precision in mind. From tilling and seeding to planting and harvesting, trust these tractors to work in the harshest conditions and on the toughest terrain.
  • Row Crop Tractors - As the name implies, these machines are great for preparing, growing, and harvesting row crops. And with a variety of series and models to choose from, there's a tractor that's perfect for your operation.
  • Specialty Tractors - These tractors are built to work in orchards, vineyards, and plots of land growing high crops. Some offer a narrow frame, which allows for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. Others offer excess clearance for crops like sugar cane.
  • Utility Tractors - These machines are designed to handle everything from snow removal to seeding and material transportation. Choose your tractor based on the size and scope of your land.

Equipment Parts & Repairs

With full-service dealerships located in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho, Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf is well-positioned to meet all your West Coast equipment rental needs. We also provide parts and service for all makes and models, so we have everything it takes to keep operations going in the event that your existing machinery requires routine maintenance or an emergency repair. Get in touch with our team of agricultural equipment experts today and learn what Papé can do for you!

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