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Offering new and used equipment for sale, flexible rental options, and 24/7 repair services, Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf is an authorized John Deere dealer and full-service agriculture solutions provider throughout the West. Our blog caters to a wide audience, ranging from homeowners to largescale farming operations. Browse below for timely seasonal advice, industry news, equipment information, local events, and more! Contact one of our locations across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California to speak directly with a representative about any questions you may have.

Introducing the New John Deere 2025R

The all-new John Deere 2025R compact utility tractor is here. The 2017 redesign offers a number of improvements to the model, including updates to enhance comfort, reliability, and productivity.

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How to Use Your Tractor for Snow Removal

Take advantage of your compact utility tractor by putting it to use during the cold winter months. If your tractor is properly maintained and has the correct ballast, it should have no trouble operating in low temperatures and icy conditions. 

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Unbelievable Off-Season Deals: John Deere Compact Tractors & More

We’re celebrating the season with great deals on select John Deere sub-compact and compact tractors now through January 31, 2018. Whether you need equipment for your small farm or to manage the chores on your property, we can help you choose the John Deere equipment and attachments best suited to your needs.

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Know Your Ballast Options

Rule number one of tractor ownership: Don’t tip your tractor. Uneven ground or unfamiliar attachments - really anything that causes a shift in the center of gravity of your equipment - pose a potential tipping danger - and unfortunately, overturning your tractor is the leading cause of fatality on farms in the United States. Enter the ballast. 

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Technology Can Help You Plan for a Better Harvest

Precision agriculture technology has taken a lot of the guesswork out of collecting and analyzing pre-season yield data. Used well, precision ag technology can help you control costs, reduce waste, and increase your potential for a higher yield next harvest.

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The Best Tractors for The Small Land Owner

If you’re a new homeowner, land maintenance is overwhelming - but the right equipment makes hard projects easy. The best tractor for your property depends largely on what you’ll use it for. 

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FAA Regulations for Ag Drones

For farmers who currently own an Ag drone or those considering investing in one, it’s important to understand the FAA drone regulations for any commercial unmanned aircraft over 55 pounds. ​

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5 Reasons the Monchiero Stands Out Among Other Hazelnut Harvesters

Monchiero, an equipment manufacturer based in Italy, has been producing nut and fruit harvesting equipment for the last 50 years and has recently partnered with Papé Machinery to bring this specialized equipment to nut growers in the United States. The technologically advanced equipment can improve harvest productivity and profitability.

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