John Deere 2633
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  • Variety of residue managing solutions available
    Residue management Residue management

    As crop yields increase, so does the amount of residue after harvest. The John Deere 2633 and 2635 Disks provide operators with a disk that can be set to prepare a seedbed for planting or set to bury and size tough residue in primary tillage applications.

  • 230-mm (9-in.) blade spacing available for 2633 Disk

    The 2633 Dual-Purpose Disk comes equipped with front solid- or cutout-spherical blades and rear solid spherical disk blades with 230-mm (9-in.) spacing. The base blade size is 610 mm x 5 mm (24 in. x 0.197 in.).


    Available blade options for the 2633 are listed below.

    230-mm (9-in.) blade spacing 230-mm (9-in.) blade spacing

    230-mm (9-in.) spacing, front and rear

    • Good for seedbed preparation and chemical incorporation in medium to heavy soils
    • Works well in primary tillage in light to medium soils
    • Provides good residue-handling capability


    • The number 1 edge has a beefier profile and is best for rocky conditions.
    • The number 10 edge has a narrower profile and should work well in most non-rock conditions.
    • Rear main and wing gangs are tapered with one blade 51 mm (2 in.) smaller than the primary blade.
    • Integral furrow filler blades are included with all rear wing gangs which are 102 mm (4 in.) smaller than the primary blade.
    • Front outer gangs have a taper that is 51 mm (2 in.) smaller than the primary blade, except for 560-mm (22-in.) disk blades.
    • The John Deere 2633 offers producers a rollable blade option. Rollable disk blades support the edge-rolling practices that are commonly used. These blades can be rolled to restore the edge sharpness for producers needing a better penetrating blade.
    • The special boron-composite material can endure the edge-rolling techniques without jeopardizing blade edge durability and longevity. John Deere does not recommend rolling disk blades that do not have this rollable designation.
    Number 1 edge (outside bevel, outside grind) Number 1 edge (outside bevel, outside grind)
    Number 10 edge (inside bevel, outside grind) Number 10 edge (inside bevel, outside grind)
    1. Bevel
    2. Grind
  • Mechanical wing control increases frame levelness for five-section disks
    Spring pack Spring pack
    Spring pack Spring pack

    John Deere’s mechanical wing control helps producers keep their frames level for five-section disks. Mechanical wing control is included in base equipment for all five-section 2630 Series Disks.

    With this feature, a large spring is placed in the wing frame on each side of the disk. As the pivot point in the wing starts to raise, the spring presses against that point to keep the disk level through tough field conditions.

    The red circles in the following image illustrate the area of the disk where the large spring is placed in the wing frame.

    Mechanical wing control Mechanical wing control

    John Deere mechanical wing control is an industry-exclusive feature. A five-section disk without mechanical wing control can show up to 75-mm (3-in.) of depth inconsistency across the wing frame.

  • Extended-life bearings improve productivity

    John Deere 2630 Series Disks and Vertical Tillage Implements feature extended-life bearings. These more durable and reliable bearings allow producers to customize bearing maintenance for specific growing conditions and soil types.

    The flange-mounted bearing and sealing system features improved contamination resistance. The advanced seal material is highly resistant to wear and damage caused by abrasive soils and other crop materials. The design of these is more durable and reliable than previous bearings.

    The design of this bearing system allows for dynamic self-alignment to the gang bolt, as opposed to trunnion-mounted bearings that have limited alignment capability. This system features additional freedom of movement, accommodating a wider variety of field conditions. The bearing system has been designed to decrease stress and fatigue on the inner rolling surfaces, supporting extended bearing life.

    The bearing and seal design allows for a limited, seasonal maintenance interval to minimize downtime. They also allow producers to customize the maintenance for specific growing conditions and soil types. The multi-lipped sealing system cannot be damaged by frequent greasing. It allows bearings to accept grease within the bearing as well as provide grease to the outer bearing surface to eliminate wear between the bearing and housing. With this design, the bearings can accept grease even if misaligned to the housing.

  • TruSet™ features, packages, and documentation

    With short windows of time to perform tillage operations, TruSet provides significant productivity improvements as operators can adjust the tool with just the push of a button, maximizing acres covered per day. By responding to conditions as they change throughout the field, TruSet Active enables operators to generate a higher-quality tillage performance within the first pass.


    Using a GreenStar™ display, an operator sees real-time data for a variety of feature settings, ensuring confidence in desired tillage outcomes. Four customizable presets enable operators to save and name different combinations of settings for their most common field conditions, which allows for even quicker implement adjustments.

    TruSet allows for adjustments from the cab TruSet allows for adjustments from the cab
    TruSet Tillage system TruSet Tillage system

    Single-point depth control is included with the TruSet Tillage system, giving operators the choice of automated or manual adjustments. Hydraulic routings on the tool are designed to allow each implement to feature both TruSet and standard single-point depth control for system redundancy, operator preference, and flexibility at resale.


    John Deere has expanded TruSet features to bring even more functionality into the cab: 

    • Active depth, and basket pressure and raise
    • Gang angle
    • Hydraulic active stabilizer wheels
    • Hydraulic wing control
    • Hydraulic fore-aft control
    TruSet features and packages

    TruSet Tillage features a variety of technology features and packages. With either the Select or Premium package, you can elevate your experience with some or full control of your tillage tool from the cab at your fingertips. The following table outlines each TruSet offering specific to the implement model. For additional information on each feature, see the details after the table.


    TruSet offerings
    Control of: Set-point depth Active depth Basket pressure Side-to-side leveling Gang angle Fore-aft Wing down pressure Stabilizer wheels
    2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator --- Select** Select Premium --- --- --- ---
    2230 Level-Lift™ Field Cultivator --- Select** Select --- --- --- --- ---
    2330 Mulch Finisher --- Select** Select Premium** --- Premium** --- ---
    2630 Series Disks --- Select** Select Premium --- Premium** --- Option
    2633VT Vertical Tillage --- Select** Select Premium --- Premium** --- ---
    2660VT Vertical Tillage --- Select** Select Premium Premium Premium Premium Option
    2680H High-Speed Disk* In base --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    *Currently not available in feature packaging

    **New feature


    NOTE: All Select package features are also included in the Premium package.


    Active depth (Select and Premium package)

    Adjust depth and pressure while in the field Adjust depth and pressure while in the field
    • With TruSet Active, the tillage tool automatically adjusts and keeps the desired depth even through changing field conditions, such as tire sink in soft soils or mud buildup in damp and sticky conditions.
    • This is possible using an ultrasonic sensor that measures the distance from the mainframe to the soil as the implement travels through the field.


    Basket pressure and raise (Select and Premium package)


    • Integrated TruSet Tillage technology enables the operator to adjust their down pressure on the hydraulic rolling baskets while on the go to respond to changing field conditions such as varying soils, heavier residue, and moisture.
    • Easily raise your baskets with one touch to avoid certain areas of the field, whether you are wanting to check the tillage tool with the baskets up or avoid going through a wet spot in the field. Once you’re through the area and ready to lower the baskets, simply press the basket lower to resume your desired basket pressure. 


    Side-to-side leveling (Premium package)

    Individual section leveling with TruSet side-to-side Individual section leveling with TruSet side-to-side
    • Operators have the option to enhance the TruSet Tillage system with individual section leveling functionality. TruSet side-to-side is available as a field-installed option that can be ordered with the tillage tool or through aftermarket parts. The base TruSet Tillage system can also be upgraded to TruSet side-to-side with a conversion kit.


    Gang angle (Premium package)

    Gang angle adjustment Gang angle adjustment
    • With TruSet gang angle control, operators can adjust the gang angle on the go right from the cab. Adjusting the gang angle from 0 to 12 degrees provides more horizontal soil movement. The more aggressive the gang angle, the more soil mixing and burying of residue. Operators can also remove light ruts, tracks, and weeds at the most aggressive gang angle.


    Fore-aft (Premium package)

    Hydraulic fore-aft control levels the 2660VT Hydraulic fore-aft control levels the 2660VT
    • TruSet hydraulic fore-aft control enables operators to level the implement from the comfort of the tractor cab.


    Wing down pressure (Premium package)

    Hydraulic wing control pressure Hydraulic wing control pressure
    • TruSet hydraulic wing control transfers the weight from the mainframe to the wings to improve penetration in hard or heavy soils. In high-speed, shallow-depth tillage operations, maintaining a consistent depth across the tillage tool is critical to the consistency of the seedbed.


    NOTE: TruSet hydraulic wing control pressure is only offered on three-section models.


    Stabilizer wheels (additional factory option)

    • Getting the best field performance is easier with TruSet Active hydraulic stabilizer wheels. Choose the option to easily adjust the depth of the stabilizer wheels from the cab to match the overall depth as changes are made. This feature replaces the mechanical linkage on stabilizer wheels with a hydraulic cylinder.

    NOTE: Stabilizer wheels are not offered on one-section models.

    TruSet documentation

    With integrated TruSet Tillage technology, operators can incorporate documentation and prescription functionality into their tillage operations. The tillage documentation feature allows producers to capture and analyze the tillage pass for additional coverage of the crop production cycle. Prescription functionality provides producers the capability to ensure their tillage operations are executed correctly, optimizing their investment in preparing for the next crop.


    Operators can document data for the depth of their tillage tool along with rolling basket down pressure. By creating an as-applied map based off global positioning system (GPS) data for the job performed by each functional area on the implement, TruSet enables producers to document their tillage passes then later review and analyze the data for future agronomic decisions.


    Additionally, the Prescription Creator by Agrian® company, a connected partner tool through the John Deere Operations Center, enables producers to create prescriptions for each functional area on the tillage tools. Data from previous yields, soil surveys, or freehand drawing tools can be used to create prescriptions that command the implement to the desired depth and pressure settings for optimum agronomic results.


    Agrian is a trademark of Agrian, Inc.

  • Multiple enhancements made to 2630 Series Disks
    2630 Disk in the field 2630 Disk in the field
    2630 Disk in the field 2630 Disk in the field

    The 2630 Series Disks offer multiple upgrades and additional items as options versus the 2620 Series Disks to enhance the machine. Check out the following video to see more about the 2630 Series Disks.

    Extended-life bearings

    John Deere 2630 Series Disks and Vertical Tillage Implements feature extended-life bearings. These more durable and reliable bearings allow producers to customize bearing maintenance for specific growing conditions and soil type.

    TruSet™ side-to-side feature

    John Deere TruSet system is featured in base equipment for the 2630 Series Disks and Vertical Tillage Implements. TruSet side-to-side is also available and features individual section leveling.

    Knife-edge hydraulic rolling basket

    The hydraulic rolling basket is offered with a round bar, flat bar, or knife-edge. The knife-edge is best for heavier, wet soil, and can be used in rocky conditions.

    Radial tires

    The 2630 Series Disks and Vertical Tillage Implements feature radial tires for the mainframes in base equipment. Radial tires are available as an option on the wing frame and stabilizer wheels. These tires are designed to offer longer wear life and help minimize compaction with a wider plate and lower inflation pressures.

    Stabilizer wheels

    Producers can choose either mechanical stabilizer wheels or TruSet hydraulic stabilizer wheels as an option. Stabilizer wheels help to maintain a consistent, level depth and are recommended for operation on rolling ground. The mechanical stabilizer wheels can be manually adjusted with a turnbuckle. TruSet with side-to-side leveling capabilities also enables operators to control the TruSet hydraulic stabilizer wheels from the cab while on the go.

  • 2630 Series includes disks for light, medium, and heavy-duty tillage
    Ground-engaging components on 2633 Ground-engaging components on 2633
    Ground-engaging components on 2633 Ground-engaging components on 2633

    The John Deere 2630 Series offer three disk models that provide a wide range of variety for all tillage applications.


    2630 Disk 2633 Disk  2635 Disk
     Purpose Secondary (light duty) Dual purpose (medium duty) Primary (heavy duty)
     Working depth Up to 130 mm (5 in.) Up to 180 mm (7 in.) Up to 200 mm (8 in.)
     Weight per blade Minimum 68 kg (150 lb) Under 13.4 m (44 ft)
    Minimum 86 kg (190 lb)
    Over 13.4 m (44 ft)
    Minimum 91 kg (200 lb)
    Minimum 127 kg (280 lb)
     Blade size 560 or 610 mm
    (22 or 24 in.)
    610 or 660 mm
    (24 or 26 in.)
    610 or 660 mm
    (24 or 26 in.)
     Blade spacing 185 or 230 mm
    (7.25 or 9 in.)
    230 mm (9 in.) 230 mm (9 in.)
    front and 280 mm
    (11 in.) rear,
    or 280 mm (11 in.)
     Horsepower 23 to 36 hp/m (7 to 11 hp/ft)  23 to 36 hp/m (7 to 11 hp/ft)  26 to 36 hp/m (8 to 11 hp/ft)
     Working widths 6.3 m to 15.0 m
    (20.75 ft to 49.25 ft)
    6.3 m to 15.0 m
    (20.75 ft to 49.25 ft)
    7.2 m to 12.4 m
    (23.58 to 40.66 ft)
     Operating speed 6.5 to 11.3 km/h
    (4 to 7 mph)
    6.5 to 11.3 km/h
    (4 to 7 mph)
    6.5 to 11.3 km/h
    (4 to 7 mph)
     Recommended use
    • Light to medium soils
    • Seedbed preparation
    • Medium to heavy soils
    • Seedbed preparation
    • Residue sizing
    • Residue incorporation
    • Heavy soils
    • Residue sizing
    • Residue incorporation
  • Easily tension disk gang bolts
    51-mm (2-in.) disk gang bolts 51-mm (2-in.) disk gang bolts
    Gang tension system Gang tension system

    John Deere's 2630 Series Disks provide an innovative approach to tension disk gang bolts. 

  • Different blade options for soil penetration and residue sizing

    John Deere's 2630 Series Disks offer different blade options for soil penetration and residue sizing.

    Solid-spherical blade Solid-spherical blade
    Cutout-spherical blade Cutout-spherical blade
     Blade type Solid-spherical blades Cutout-spherical blades
     Recommended application
    • Primary tillage
    • Secondary tillage
    • Primary tillage
     Recommended soil type Light to medium soils Heavy to medium soils 
     Benefits Better control of soil than cone blades since less sensitive to over speeding Chopping or trapping residue
     Penetration Penetrate best at a 20-degree gang angle Penetration is excellent with a cutout blade


    Disk blade options

Key Specs

Blade spacing 22.9 cm
9 in.
Horsepower per ft 6.7 to 8.2 kW
9 to 11 hp
Transport height 3.96 m
13 ft
Transport width 4.95 m
16.25 ft
Working depth Up to 15.24 cm
6 in.
Working width 15.01 m
49.25 ft
Operating speed 8 to 11.3 km/h
5 to 7 mph