John Deere 2623
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  • 2600 Series includes disks for light, medium, and heavy-duty tillage
    Ground-engaging components on 2623Ground-engaging components on 2623
    Three-section disk in transportThree-section disk in transport

    The John Deere 2600 Series offer three disk models that provide a wide range of variety for all tillage applications.


    2620 Disk2623 Disk 2625 Disk
     PurposeSecondary (light duty)Dual purpose (medium duty)Primary (heavy duty)
     Working depth (mm, in.)Up to 130 mm (5 in.)Up to 180 mm (7 in.)Up to 200 mm (8 in.)
     Weight per blade (kg, lb)Minimum 68 kg (150 lb)Under 13.4 m (44 ft)
    Minimum 86 kg (190 lb)
    Over 13.4 m (44 ft)
    Minimum 91 kg (200 lb)
    Minimum 127 kg (280 lb)
     Blade size (mm, in.)560 or 610 mm
    (22 in. or 24 in.)
    610 or 660 mm
    (24 in. or 26 in.)
    610 or 660 mm
    (24 in. or 26 in.)
     Blade spacing (mm, in.)185 or 230 mm
    (7.25 in. or 9 in.)
    230 mm (9 in.)230 mm (9 in.)
    (front) and 280 mm
    (11 in.) (rear),
    or 280 mm (11 in.)
     Horsepower (hp/m, hp/ft)23 - 36 m/hp (7 - 11 ft/hp) 23 - 36 m/hp (7 - 11 ft/hp) 26 - 36 m/hp (8 - 11 ft/hp)
     Working widths (m, ft)6.3 m - 15.0 m
    (20.75 ft - 49.25 ft)
    6.3 m - 15.0 m
    (20.75 ft - 49.25 ft
    7.2 m-12.4 m
    (23.58 - 40.66 ft)
     Operating speed (km/h, mph6.5 - 11.3 km/h
    (4 - 7 mph)
    6.5 - 11.3 km/h
    (4 - 7 mph)
    6.5 - 11.3 km/h
    (4 - 7 mph)
     Recommended use
    • Light to medium soils
    • Seedbed preparation
    • Medium to heavy soils
    • Seedbed preparation
    • Residue sizing
    • Residue incorporation
    • Heavy soils
    • Residue sizing
    • Residue incorporation
  • Mechanical wing control increases frame levelness for five-section disks
    Spring packSpring pack
    Spring packSpring pack

    John Deere’s mechanical wing control helps producers keep their frames level for five-section disks. Mechanical wing control is included in base equipment for all five-section 2600 Series Disks.

    With this feature, a large spring is placed in the wing frame on each side of the disk. As the pivot point in the wing starts to raise, the spring presses against that point to keep the disk level through tough field conditions.

    The red circles below illustrate the area of the disk where the large spring is place in the wing frame.

    Mechanical wing controlMechanical wing control

    John Deere’s mechanical wing control is an industry-exclusive feature. A five-section disk without mechanical wing control can show up to 75-mm (3-in.) of depth inconsistency across the wing frame.

  • Sealed maintenance-free bearings improve productivity
    Sealed maintenance-free bearings (front view)Sealed maintenance-free bearings (front view)
    Sealed maintenance-free bearings (bottom view)Sealed maintenance-free bearings (bottom view)

    John Deere’s 2600 Series Disks feature a sealed maintenance-free bearing. A high-density polymer liner allows the bearing to dynamically align the shaft in rough field conditions. The bearing and high-density polymer liner sit inside cast housing. This cast housing was designed for strength and reliability as well as a built-in bearing wear guard.

    These bearings increase productivity by reducing the amount of time needed to service the disk before operation and allowing customers to spend more time in the field.

  • Variety of residue managing solutions available

    As crop yields increase, so does the amount of residue after harvest. The John Deere 2623 Disk provides operators with a disk that can be set to prepare a seedbed for planting or set to bury and size tough residue in primary tillage applications.


    Utilize the residue calculator to identity the optimal residue management solution to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Easily tension disk gang bolts
    50-mm (2-in.) disk gang bolts50-mm (2-in.) disk gang bolts
    Gang tension systemGang tension system

    John Deere's 2600 Series Disks provide an innovative approach to tension disk gang bolts. 

  • Different blade options for soil penetration and residue sizing

    John Deere's 2600 Series Disks offer different blade options for soil penetration and residue sizing.

    Cone bladeCone blade
    Solid-spherical bladeSolid-spherical blade
    Cutout-spherical bladeCutout-spherical blade
     Blade typeCone blades
    (John Deere exclusive)
    Solid-spherical bladesCutout-spherical blades
     Recommended application
    • Primary tillage
    • Aggressive disking
    • Primary tillage
    • Secondary tillage
    • Primary tillage
     Recommended soil typeHeavy soilsLight to medium soilsHeavy to medium soils 
     BenefitsMove soil and reside freely, but also increase draft requirementsBetter control of soil than cone blades since less sensitive to over speedingChopping or trapping residue
     PenetrationPenetrate well at a 20-degree gang angle, but best at a 22-degree gang anglePenetrate best at a 20-degree gang anglePenetration is excellent with a cutout blade

    NOTE: Cone blades not recommended in rocky conditions.

    Disk blade options
  • Hydraulic fore-aft leveling enables operators to level disks from tractor cab
    Hydraulic fore-aft levelingHydraulic fore-aft leveling

    Hydraulic fore-aft leveling comes as standard equipment with John Deere's 2600 Series Disks. Operators can level the disk from the comfort of the tractor cab.


Working width 12.4 m
40.67 ft
Transport width 4.95 m
16.25 ft
Transport height 3.7 m
12 ft
Gang standards C-spring
Gang angle 21/19 degree (angle)
Purpose Primary or secondary
Working depth Up to 15.24 cm
6 in.
Weight per blade 103.4 kg
228 lb
Blade size 60.96 or 66.04 cm
24 or 26 in.
Blade spacing 22.9 cm
9 in.
Horsepower per ft (PTO) 6.7 to 8.2 kW
9 to 11 hp
Operating speed 8 to 11.3 km/h
5 to 7 mph