John Deere WG32A
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  • Pistol-grip controls within comfortable reach
    WG Series operator controls (WG32A shown)WG Series operator controls (WG32A shown)


    All of the controls on a WG Series Mower are within comfortable reach of the operator.
    The location and operation of the following controls on all models offer greater convenience, improved productivity, and increased safety:

    • Operator presence system – the bails must be depressed to operate the unit; the machine must be in neutral and the power take-off (PTO) must be disengaged to start.
    • Separate choke and throttle – this takes the guesswork out of choke operation and there is less fouling of plugs.
    • Pistol-grip controls – these controls are familiar to most operators and offer simplicity and reliability.
    • Color-coded and clearly marked switches and buttons – these simplify operation.
    • Bilingual decals – decals are provided in English and Spanish.
  • Exclusive two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

    An exclusive, two-year, single-source, bumper-to-bumper warranty is for all John Deere commercial mowing equipment. The warranty is best in class and places John Deere at the forefront of commercial mowing. It is hassle free, with one company handling all of the paperwork.

  • Five-speed gearbox for operating flexibility
    WG Series drive system (WG32A shown)WG Series drive system (WG32A shown)

    The WG Series Mowers are equipped with a 5-speed, gear-drive system with reverse, which does the following:

    • Provides superior ground-speed adjustments to meet mowing application needs
    • Allows easy, smooth shifting with a padded lever
    • Can be shifted on the go
  • Powerful air-cooled engine delivers power and reliability
    Air-cooled engineAir-cooled engine
    Engines have clean-out ports (SN 070001-)Engines have clean-out ports (SN 070001-)

    WG Series Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers are powered by 14.5-hp (10.8-kW) air-cooled, vertical-shaft engines.

    Engine features:

    • Overhead valve design
      • More horsepower and torque per cubic inch (cubic meter) of displacement
      • Better fuel efficiency
      • Less oil consumption
      • Cooler operating temperature
    • Full-pressure lubrication with full-flow filter
      • Reduces engine wear by ensuring proper lubrication, even when operating on hillsides or uneven terrain
      • Helps keep oil clean for increased engine life
    • V-twin design
    • Air-cooled engine design
    • Vertical shaft
    • Dual-stage air cleaner for extended engine life and efficient operation
    • Cylinder head clean-out ports to ease maintenance
    • Recoil start
    • Fuel pump
    • Complies with strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standards without loss of horsepower or torque
    • Consistently strong torque at low- or high-speed operation
    • Aluminum block engines
      • Effectively dissipate heat
      • Are of lightweight and strong construction
      • Extend engine life due to elimination of debilitating engine temperatures
  • Flat-free front caster wheels eliminate downtime
    WG Series front caster wheelWG Series front caster wheel

    Rubber, wide-profile, flat-free front caster wheels provide a smooth cut.

  • 7-gauge, 0.179-in. (4.6-mm), floating mower deck delivers high-quality cut
    WG32 Mower DeckWG32 Mower Deck
    WG Series Mower Deck (WG48A shown)WG Series Mower Deck (WG48A shown)

    John Deere commercial mower decks have always demonstrated quality, performance, and durability. The 7-gauge, 0.179-in. (4.6-mm), floating fabricated deck for WG Series Mowers delivers an extremely high-quality cut in diverse conditions.

    • High blade-tip speed of 18,000 fpm (5,486 m/min) for more blade strikes per inch (millimeter) mowed
    • Fully-floating, fabricated deck provides maximum contour following
    • Wide, raised discharge chute for more even clipping distribution
    • Reinforced front lower edge for strength and durability
    • Easy height-of-cut changes
    • Easy-attach belt shields to allow quick access for service 
    • Wide, reinforced lips for additional structural strength
    • Greaseable spindles with easy access for simplified servicing
    • Two-coat paint covering to protect and resist corrosion
    • Hardened steel blades that extend cutting time and increase durability
    • Large discharge to evenly disperse expelled clippings


Type Mechanical lever to engage brake


1 Review
Oct 22, 2018

Avoid purchase


Bought this mower mainly to cut down on the time it takes to mow backyards since the 32" deck will fit through any gate. I will admit I was skeptical because of price when I ordered the mower, but was told by a salesman at my John Deere dealer that it was worth it. After taking delivery of the mower, I noticed that the belt tension spring on the deck was weak and rattled when the deck was engaged. In addition to the deck belt, the deck itself has never been level and the right spindle mows lower than the left spindle. I have spent hours adjusting the deck trying to get it to mow evenly and have been unsuccessful so far. I also installed the 32" mulch kit, and it leaves a trail of uncut grass right down the center of the deck no matter the grass height. Everything is installed correctly and even tried replacing the blades with no luck. I can say without a doubt this mower has been the biggest waste of time and money. What should be a piece of equipment that I can depend on, is nothing more than something that takes up space in my shop. I have tried to address these issues with my dealer but it is obvious they could care less. With that being said, I would not recommend that anyone buy this mower.


  • From: Oklahoma, USA
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Expert