John Deere 652R EFI MOD
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  • Maintenance is simple and easy to reduce time and cost
    QuikTrak™ 652B mowingQuikTrak™ 652B mowing
    Open engine compartmentOpen engine compartment

    All service components are easy to access:

    • Servicing is simplified because of the open engine compartment.
    • All service and maintenance points are within easy reach.
    Heavy-duty canister-type air cleanerHeavy-duty canister-type air cleaner
    Engine oil fill/check tube, oil filter, and oil drainEngine oil fill/check tube, oil filter, and oil drain

    Canister-type heavy-duty air cleaner is easy to reach and easy to service:

    • Air cleaner has two filter elements; a large outer filter and a smaller inner safety filter.
    • Both filters are easy to access and easy to change.

    Engine oil service points are grouped together in easy-to-reach locations:

    • Reduces the time required to check and/or change the oil and filter.
    Leaning pad raised for service accessLeaning pad raised for service access
    Periodic service chartPeriodic service chart

    Simply raising the leaning pad exposes the hydrostatic oil reservoir, control linkage and other service areas.


    A periodic service chart is provided on the back of the leaning pad for convenience in keeping up on required service.

    Easy-to-remove access panelEasy-to-remove access panel
    Hydrostatic transmission control linkageHydrostatic transmission control linkage

    One large knob is used to remove service access shields on the mower deck, battery box, etc.:

    • Panels are easy to remove and install.

    Threaded ball and socket rod ends are used throughout the QuikTraks:

    • Provide precise control over a long period of time
    • Easily replaced when necessary
    Hydrostatic pump maintenance accessHydrostatic pump maintenance access
    Transmission tow valveTransmission tow valve

    Access to check and service the hydrostatic pumps and motors is readily available at the rear of the machine.


    Transmission tow valves are located on the hydrostatic pumps to enable moving the vehicle without the engine running.

    Battery boxBattery box
    Battery cover removed for service accessBattery cover removed for service access

    Secure battery box is provided to protect the battery, for reliable operation:

    • Cover is easily removed for servicing the battery.
    Front tow holeFront tow hole
    Rear tow holeRear tow hole

    Four tow holes, two at the front and two at the rear, are provided for safely towing or anchoring the vehicle.

  • Controls are easy to locate and use for operator comfort and productivity
    QuikTrak™ mowing (652R shown)QuikTrak™ mowing (652R shown)
    Control console (652B shown)Control console (652B shown)

     Controls are color coded and logically placed to make them easy for the operator to find and use:

    • Ground speed and direction are easily controlled by moving the two hand-lever hydrostatic drive controls forward or reverse.
      • Speeds are infinitely variable up to 9.5 mph (15.3 km/h) forward and 5.5 mph (8.9 km/h) reverse.
      • A positive neutral-lock position for the levers provides added safety.
    • Two stationary reference bars are provided for operator convenience and security.
      • Front reference bar is included to control speed and reduce fatigue from control lever operation.
      • Rear reference bar is included to make reverse operation easy while maintaining operator confidence.
    • Control levers return to neutral automatically for safety and convenience.
    • Separate choke is easy to locate and use.

      • It is obvious whether the choke is on or not.
      • Less adjustment is needed with the separate choke.
    Brake lever (engaged position)Brake lever (engaged position)
    Brake barBrake bar

    A tire brake is provided to give stability for parking the vehicle on hillsides and for transport; it should be engaged whenever the machine is not being used:

    • Brake must be engaged to start the machine, for added safety.
    • The tire brake is easily adjusted, if necessary, to maintain effective operation.
    Mower deck height-of-cut adjustment (648R, 652R, 661R)
    Mower deck lift handle (648R, 652R, 661R)Mower deck lift handle (648R, 652R, 661R)
    Mower deck height-of-cut adjustment (648R, 652R, 661R)Mower deck height-of-cut adjustment (648R, 652R, 661R)

    On the 648R, 652R, 652R EFI, 661R, and 661R EFI QuikTraks, an easy-to-use cutting height adjustment system allows the operator to adjust the mower deck cutting height with no tools and minimal effort:

    • Pull the lift lever back to the full-raised position.
    • Remove the tethered pin and place it at the desired cutting height.
    • Lower the lift lever; the lift lever and mower will stop at the desired cutting height.


    NOTE: Additional information on mower cutting height adjustment can be found in the mower deck section.

  • Safety features are built-in to protect the operator and bystanders
    Operator mowing with QuikTrak™ 652ROperator mowing with QuikTrak™ 652R
    Mower discharge deflectorMower discharge deflector
    Curb wheelsCurb wheels

    Key safety features of QuikTraks include:

    • Operator presence starting system

      • Operator on platform
      • Park brake engaged
      • Power take-off (PTO) disengaged
      • Control levers in neutral
      • Ignition key used to start the engine
    • A high-quality polyethylene mower-discharge deflector
      • Deflects if it strikes a solid obstruction, causing less damage
      • Returns to its original shape and function
    • Operator station designed to allow fast exit
    • Two large curb wheels
    • Easy to remove and replace shields
    • Stationary handles on either side of the traction controls for operator security
    • Control levers return to neutral when released
    Mower deck safety certification

    QuikTrak mower decks are evaluated by the manufacturer (John Deere Turf Care) and conform to ANSI B71.4 2004 safety certification specifications for commercial turf care equipment.

  • Maximize performance and efficiency with powerful electronic fuel injected (EFI) engine
    Engine equipped with electronic fuel injectionEngine equipped with electronic fuel injection
    Heavy-duty dual stage air cleanerHeavy-duty dual stage air cleaner

    A commercial-quality 24.6-hp* (18.3-kW) at 3600 rpm air-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI) powers the QuikTrak™ Mower:

    • Overhead valve design
      • More horsepower and torque per cubic inch of displacement
      • Better fuel efficiency
    • Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
      • Closed loop system for improved control of air/fuel mixture
      • Immediate starting in hot or cold ambient temperatures or after long periods of seasonal storage
      • No choke linkage for the user to operate
      • No engine warmup required, so the mower can be engaged immediately after the engine starts
      • Greater horsepower and torque responsiveness
      • Higher reliability with the elimination of vapor locking, misfiring, run-on, and after-bang
      • Automatic altitude compensation
      • Delivers fuel precisely
      • Reduces the potential for plug fouling 
      • Standard dual-element, canister-type, dry replaceable heavy-duty air cleaner with secondary safety element
    • V-twin design
      • Fast starts
      • Smooth operation
    • Vertical shaft for efficient transfer of power to the transmission
    Large, replaceable fuel filterLarge, replaceable fuel filter
    Engine oil coolerEngine oil cooler
    • Fuel pump for consistent and reliable fuel supply to the carburetor
    • 50-state compliant engine, which complies with strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resource Board emission standards, without loss of horsepower or torque
    • Full-pressure lubrication with full-flow filter

      • Reduces engine wear by ensuring proper lubrication, even when operating on hillsides or uneven terrain
      • Helps keep oil clean for increased engine life
      • Oil cooler helps keep engine at optimum temperature
    • Air-cooled engine design for minimum maintenance and maximum reliability
    • Aluminum cylinder block
      • Effectively dissipates heat
      • Lightweight and strong construction
      • Extends engine life due to elimination of debilitating engine temperatures
    Easy-to-access engine oil filter and drainEasy-to-access engine oil filter and drain

    Engine is equipped with a replaceable oil filter for longer engine life.


    Engine oil filter and oil drain are located close together for easy and convenient service.

    *The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer
    to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less.
    Refer to the engine manufacturer’s website for additional information.

  • Hydrostatic drive system is reliable and easy to use
    QuikTrak 652R mowingQuikTrak 652R mowing
    Hydrostatic pumpsHydrostatic pumps

    QuikTrak™ Mowers use a heavy-duty hydrostatic pump and wheel-motor drive system that gives reliable and consistent performance and long life:

    • Heavy-duty components stand up to the rigors of commercial use.
    • Individual pump and wheel motor design allows placement of these heavy components low in the vehicle for a low center of gravity and excellent hillside stability.

    Two Hydro-Gear™ 0.73 cu in. (12-cc) axial piston, variable displacement pumps provide hydraulic power to the wheel motors:

    • Pumps are linked to the hand-control levers to allow the operator to make speed and direction changes.
    • Rugged construction is ideal for high-performance commercial use.
    • Piston design gives efficient and consistent performance. 
    • A replaceable hydraulic filter helps ensure long life of the pumps and wheel motors.

    Two individual 15-cu in. (245.8-cc) piston wheel motors power the QuikTrak drive wheels. Their heavy-duty construction and super-efficient axial-piston design provides superior performance and seamless power to the wheels:

    • Integrated high-pressure shaft seal gives greater reliability.
    • Large bearings are designed with the capacity to carry heavier loads and give long life.
    Transmission oil filterTransmission oil filter
    Transmission fluid oil reservoirTransmission fluid oil reservoir

    A spin-on type replaceable hydraulic oil filter is conveniently located:

    • Extends life of transmission components by keeping oil clean
    • Easy-to-reach for easy and fast service


    A hydraulic fluid oil reservoir is located behind the leaning pad:

    • Located in a cleaner environment
    • Easy to access for inspection and service
    Transmission tow valveTransmission tow valve


    Transmission tow valves are provided on each hydrostatic pump to permit moving the QuikTrak without the engine running.

    Hydro-Gear is a U.S.-registered trademark of Hydro-Gear Company.

  • Compact design for easy hauling and excellent maneuverability
    Overhead view of 652B showing compact designOverhead view of 652B showing compact design
    Side view of 652B showing compact designSide view of 652B showing compact design

    From the operator's platform to the mower deck, John Deere QuikTrak™ Mowers have a compact and functional design:

    • The compact design allows the QuikTrak to operate in areas that a larger machine cannot. Often, this means the area can be mowed with a QuikTrak so it is not necessary to switch to a walk-behind mower.
    • With the compact design of QuikTrak Mowers, less space is required on a truck or trailer - which can mean there is room for an extra mower, resulting in saved time and money.
    Mowing a tight area with QuikTrak 652RMowing a tight area with QuikTrak 652R
    QuikTrak 652R mowing on side slopeQuikTrak 652R mowing on side slope

    Whether mowing hills or on the level, trimming or mowing straight-away, the operator of a John Deere QuikTrak is able to affect the performance of the machine with their body:

    • The compact design of the QuikTrak allows the operator to use their body to help control the machine.
    • The innovative QuikTrak design puts the center of gravity at the operator's feet where body weight can be used to keep traction on the higher wheels to mow across slopes at higher speeds with greater control.
    • Faster ground speeds get work done quicker.
    • Less polar motion means quicker turns.
    • Better traction on slopes gives more control and increased productivity.
    • Superior stability gives more control and confidence when mowing hillsides.
    • Better visibility allows more-timely operator reaction to the terrain and obstructions.
    • Standing area is designed for improved range of motion to allow the operator more room to move and avoid obstacles.
    • Minimal operator-station obstruction allows safe and fast exits for clearing mower-path obstacles.
    • Operator area is designed for more comfort and less fatigue.
    Inset caster wheels (652B shown)Inset caster wheels (652B shown)
    Inset caster wheels (652R shown)Inset caster wheels (652R shown)

    John Deere QuikTraks are designed, tested, and manufactured to provide the best commercial mowing machines available:

    • Bull-nosed shape of front edge of mower deck allows caster wheels to be set back further, closer to the blades, for more effective ground following.
    • Compact design takes less space for mowing tighter areas and may allow room for an extra machine when hauling to the worksite.
  • 52-in. (132-cm) Mulch On Demand™ (MOD) mower for convenience and productivity
    52-in. (132-cm) Mulch On Demand mower deck52-in. (132-cm) Mulch On Demand mower deck

    A well-designed mower deck can make the difference between just getting the job done and getting eye-catching results. The 7-gauge, 0.177-in. (4.6-mm) fabricated Mulch On Demand mower deck delivers a high-quality cut in diverse conditions to enhance mowing performance and the opportunity for profit for lawn-care businesses.


    Key features of the 7-Iron Mulch On Demand mower Deck:

    • Deck can be converted from a wide-open side-discharge mode to a fully-chambered mulching mode or any position in-between by holding down on the electric switch that is conveniently located on the dash.
    • Deck is stamped from 7-gauge, 0.177-in. (4.6-mm) steel to minimize the number of welds and provide a smooth underside, with fewer sharp corners, for reduced material buildup.
    • Higher blade tip speed than many competitors - 5486 m/min. (18,000 fpm) for more blade cuts per inch mowed.
    • Rounded corners of the stamped deck help distribute impact stress to reduce the potential for damage when the mower contacts trees, rocks, curbs, and other fixed obstacles.
    • Deep-deck design of 5.5 in. (14 cm) delivers excellent airflow so material can be processed quickly and efficiently.
    • 1-in. (2.5-cm) cold-forged spindles are heat-treated for strength-without-bulk and are supported by ball bearings, providing excellent reliability. Spindle housings are ribbed, cast aluminum to provide excellent strength and heat dissipation.
    • Spindle zerks are greaseable from the top.
    • The mower front edge is raised above the blade plane to allow even cutting of tall grass. It is reinforced for durability.
    • Dual-captured anti-scalp wheels provide deck flotation over even the toughest terrain.
    • A compact footprint delivers greater maneuverability when working in tight quarters.
    • A powerful vacuum effect is created by the deck's unique air-flow design, which pulls more grass upright so that the blades can cut more evenly.

    Flexible mower-discharge deflectorFlexible mower-discharge deflector
    Large, inset caster wheelsLarge, inset caster wheels

    The wide-discharge opening and raised deflector provide even clipping dispersal for an excellent finished appearance when the mulch baffles are in the open position.

    • Plastic discharge deflector reduces damage to foliage and resists bending

    Caster wheels and anti-scalp rollers contribute to a smooth, even cutting job:

    • Large flat-free caster wheels carry the mower deck smoothly over the lawn.
    • Caster wheels are recessed to reduce the vehicle footprint and turning radius.
      • With the wheels less exposed, there is less chance they'll get snagged by immovable obstacles, thus improving maneuverability and reducing damage.
    • Anti-scalp rollers are double-captured for durability. They enable the deck to float over the ground and provide a smooth, level cut on even the most challenging terrain.
    Easy cut-height adjustmentEasy cut-height adjustment
    Easy-to-remove mower deck shieldsEasy-to-remove mower deck shields

    Mower cutting height can be set from 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) to 5 in. (12.7 cm) in 0.25-in. (0.64-cm) increments:

    • Pull the lift lever back to the full-raised position.
    • Remove the tethered pin and place it at the desired cutting height.
    • Lower the lift lever; the lift lever and mower will stop at the desired cutting height.

    Mower deck shields are easy to remove, with knobs providing access to the drive belt and other service points.

    Mulch On Demand feature
    QuikTrak™ Mower (652R MOD shown)QuikTrak™ Mower (652R MOD shown)
    Mulch On Demand electric control switchMulch On Demand electric control switch

    The Mulch On Demand mower deck delivers unprecedented levels of productivity and versatility to commercial mower operations. With the ability to change between side discharging and mulching with the convenient dash-mounted switch, keeping most clippings out of landscaping features is extremely easy.

    Mulch On Demand electric linear actuatorMulch On Demand electric linear actuator
    Baffle control rodBaffle control rod

    A dependable electric linear actuator is used to close and open the mulching baffles. Deck can be converted from a wide-open side-discharge mode to a fully-chambered mulching mode or any position in-between by holding down on the electric switch that is conveniently located on the dash.

    High-quality, adjustable control arms are used to permit precise adjustment and long, trouble-free operation.

    Mulch discharge baffle openMulch discharge baffle open
    Mulch On Demand mower deck, baffles open for side dischargeMulch On Demand mower deck, baffles open for side discharge

    Heavy-duty mulch and discharge baffles open and close reliably and completely with the touch of a switch.

    Mulch discharge baffle closedMulch discharge baffle closed
    Mulch On Demand mower deck, baffles closed for mulchingMulch On Demand mower deck, baffles closed for mulching

    When the discharge and mulch baffles are in the closed position, the three blade chambers are separated just the right amount for optimum mulching performance.


Tip speed 18,900 fpm
5761 m/min
Number Three