3-point hitch

Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms 615.1 kg
1356 lb
Type Category 1


Wheelbase 159.5 cm
62.8 in.
Front axle clearance 36.3 cm
14.3 in.
Turning radius without brakes 2.9 m
9.4 ft
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab) 1007.9 kg
2222 lb


Battery size 500 CCA
Starter size 1.4 kW
1.9 hp
Alternator (12-V) 55 amp


Family FYDXL1.57TDA
Manufacturer Yanmar
Engine model 3TNV86CT-NJT
Engine power (gross) 27.4 kW
36.7 hp
Power take-off (PTO) power 22.4 kW
30 hp
Rated engine speed 2500 rpm
Type Diesel
Injection pump type High pressure common rail direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged
Emissions compliance Final Tier 4
Cylinders/displacement 3 / 1.57 L
3 / 95.7 cu in.
Number of cylinders Three
Cylinder liners Cast-in-block
Bore and stroke 86 x 90 m
3.4 x 3.54 in.
Compression ratio 19.1:1
Lubrication Pressurized
Cooling system Water Pump
Air cleaner Dual element
Engine torque at rated speed 105 Nm
77.4 lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity 28.5 L
7.5 gal.

Final drive

Type Bull Gear
Differential lock Yes

Fluid capacities

Crankcase with filter 4.5 L
4.8 qt
Transmission and hydraulic system 21.0 L
5.5 U.S. gal.

Fuel system

Type High pressure common rail direct injection
Fuel consumption <br/>


Type Open center
Pump type Dual gear
Maximum operating pressure 172.4 bar
2500 psi
Draft control sensing Position control
Remote control valves available Up to two (optional)
Pump rated output Steering<br/>15.0 L/min<br/>4.0 gpm<br/>Implement<br/>20.2 L/min<br/>5.3 gpm<br/>35.2 L/min<br/>9.3 gpm

Key Specs

Standard transmission; forward/reverse Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
Implement hydraulics 20.2 L/min<br/>5.3 gpm
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms 615.1 kg<br/>1356 lb
Steering hydraulics 15.0 L/min<br/>4.0 gpm
Cruise control Optional
Engine power (gross) 27.4 kW<br/>36.7 hp
Hitch type Category 1
Power take-off (PTO) power 22.4 kW<br/>30 hp
Wheelbase 159.5 cm<br/>62.8 in.
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab) 1007.9 kg<br/>2222 lb

Operator station

Platform - flat/straddle Semi-flat
Gear shift location - console/floor Left-hand side
Rollover protective structure Type<br/>Foldable<br/>ASAE S478

Power take-off (PTO)

Standard Rear - 540 rpm
Control Independent
Clutch Multi disc, wet
Brake (for mid and rear PTO) Multiple wet disc


Front Farm - 7-14
Turf - 27x8.5-15
R4 - 25x8.5-14
R4 - 27x8.5-15
Rear Farm - 11.2-24
Turf - 41x14-20
R4 - 15-19.5
R4 - 43x16-20


Standard transmission; forward/reverse Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
Left-hand reverser No
Final drive Bull Gear
Brakes Wet disc
Steering Power steering
Cruise control Optional
Differential lock Yes
Axle capacity Front<br/>798 kg<br/>1760 lb<br/>Rear<br/>1197 kg<br/>2640 lb<br/>