John Deere DN456
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  • John Deere Connected Support™ prevents downtime and efficiently resolves issues with revolutionary technology-based solutions
    Connected Support technology Connected Support technology

    When you buy John Deere equipment, you expect reliability. You also know that problems can happen, and a product is only as good as the support behind it. That’s why John Deere equipment is prepared with technology that senses potential issues and can alert you and your dealer promptly—in the cab or anywhere you are.

    John Deere Connected Support is a revolutionary change to support that leverages technology and the connectivity of JDLink™ telematics to prevent downtime and resolve problems faster. These tools decrease downtime by an average of 20 percent, enabling faster responses to unexpected problems and reducing technician trips to your machine. For some issues, unplanned downtime can even be prevented altogether through prediction of the issue.

    With your permission, John Deere Connected Support:

    • Keeps you running by monitoring machine health and promptly alerting you and your dealer of issues
    • Saves time by remotely viewing in-cab displays, reducing trips to the machine
    • Reduces or even eliminates technician trips to a machine through remote diagnostic and remote software reprogramming capabilities
    • Connects experts with the information needed to respond to downtime faster and prevent it altogether

    With more than a decade of experience leveraging connectivity to solve problems, no one else has the experience, tools, and knowledge to keep you running as John Deere and your John Deere dealer can. Connected Support is an in-base feature on all John Deere products with factory- or field-installed JDLink.

  • Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display with SpreadStar™ system
    Run screen Run screen

    Model year 2018 4 Series Sprayers utilize the 4600 CommandCenter and SpreadStar controller allowing integrated control with the machine and dry spinner spreader.

    The CommandARM™ controls, Gen4 CommandCenter display, and SpreadStar have been updated and tailored to the needs of operators allowing them to see all key functions on one run screen including AutoTrac™ assisted steering system, variable rate documentation, field totals, and dry spinner spreader settings.

    The Gen4 CommandCenter display allows operators to set up and apply single or dual products, utilizing variable rate map-based prescriptions with John Deere Section Control functionality. Click anywhere on the display to expand and easily adjust information.

    Work setup Work setup

    To prepare for field application, simply press the Setup button in the bottom left corner of the display run page, and it will direct the user to the Work Setup window.

    1. Select the Location box to setup operator information including farm, field, and Operator information is not required to load and execute a variable-rate prescription.
    2. Select the Equipment box to do the initial setup of the machine including the number of bins in the dry spinner spreader.
    3. The Work Summary box shows a link for each bin in the dry spinner spreader. The screenshot above is for a two-bin dry box. Select each one to input or change the name of the product that will be applied. Twenty-four unique names can be entered into the display for various product types such as single product, blended product, or multi-product variable rate. The operator can also choose the target rate for spreading or load a variable-rate prescription.
    SpreadStar SpreadStar

    Once the Work Setup window is complete, the updated SpreadStar application can then be used to input and setup the following:

    Target spread rate Target spread rate

    Target spread rate – selecting the target rate box allows the operator to quickly adjust three different target rates or load a prescription if needed. The target rates can be adjusted when spreading by using the corresponding buttons on the CommandARM.

    Bin details Bin details

    Product density/product applied – selecting either of these areas will take the user to a bin details page where more frequent dry spinner spreader inputs and adjustments are made. For dry spinner spreaders with multiple bins, individual tabs at the top of the screen make it easy to quickly toggle between them.

    Features on the bin details page include:

    • Bin on/off
    • Bin chaining (not shown)
    • Product density
    • CFR value
    • Feed gate opening
    • Bin alarms
    • Resetting bin counter
    • Belt prime
    Spinner settings
    Spinner settings Spinner settings

    The last step is to setup the spinner settings by clicking on the spinner settings box in the SpreadStar application. The Add Spinner preset window will come up allowing the operator to create a new preset if they choose.

    Preset functions include:

    • Spinner target speed
    • Spinner target speed alarms
    • Spread width
    • Fan frame setting

    The bin details and spinner settings are saved with the Work Summary details. For example, an operator with a two-bin dry spreader may need to change between a two product variable-rate to a single blend application using bin chaining. When the operator switches back to two product variable rate, SpreadStar will automatically remember the bin details and spinner settings that were last used with that configuration.

    Even with this feature, it is still important to calibrate the dry spinner spreader when changing products to ensure an accurate and consistent spread pattern.


  • Deliver accurate rate control with integrated SpreadStar™ dry rate control system
    SpreadStar dry rate control on Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter™ display SpreadStar dry rate control on Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter™ display

    The SpreadStar dry rate control system is a standard feature that is integrated into the design of the self-propelled spreader chassis (not a third-party ISO control add-on) and delivers accurate and consistent on-target rate control. All dry spreading and vehicle functions are displayed on the Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter display for easy operation and setup. In addition to these functions, all precision technology can be used on the same display for complete integration and ease of operation. The engine, chassis, dry spreader system, and precision controllers provide central communication through the display for many vehicle and dry system functions that are simple and easy to use.


    • Provides superior rate control, response times, and ease of use
    • Rate control locks on to the desired application rate much more quickly and maintains it better than third-party controllers
    • Easy to understand and simple to set up the key values you must enter to execute the spreading job
      • No cross reference to nodes or a task controller like other third-party systems
    • High-speed hydraulic pulse-width modulated control valve varies conveyor shaft speed to produce only the required product flow with easy-to-follow feed rate calibration procedures

    Engine, transmission, and hydraulic drive pump work together to optimize efficiency of the entire system, providing fuel savings and optimizing power to the ground and delivery of product to the spinners

  • The DN456 is designed to be MultApplier ready
    DN456 with MultApplier DN456 with MultApplier

    The optional 304 stainless-steel MultApplier insert provides machine flexibility as it can be ordered factory installed or field installed for dual product application. Bolt-in end gates and stainless-steel fittings make converting from a dual product to a single product dry spinner spreader easy. The MultApplier insert has a Bin 2 stuck capacity of 1.9 m³ (66 cu ft) offsetting the capacity of Bin 1 to 3.0 m³ (106 cu ft) 

    The dual hopper system features two independent conveyors that can simultaneously apply up to two products at predetermined rates or variable rate application with swath widths up to 25 m (84 ft), decreasing time in the field, soil compaction, fuel consumption, and increasing return on investment.

  • Wide spread widths are available with the DN456

    Spread width up to 32 m (105 ft) can be achieved with the DN456.

    The DN456 provides up to 32-m (105-ft) spread widths and the adjustable spinner assembly allows for quick, accurate settings during variable-rate applications, broadcasting materials farther and wider with consistent spread patterns, and producing industry-leading productivity.

    Depending on product, a F4365 with 1.38-m (54-in.) spinner height, can achieve spread widths from 18.92 to 27.43 m (60 to 90 ft), but with the increased clearance of 1.74 m (68 in.) the 4 Series Dry Spinner Spreader can achieve spread widths from 21 to 32 m (70 to 105 ft), Added spread width increases the number of acres per day and decreases the number of passes, which also reduces fuel costs and compaction.

    Additionally, by combining the John Deere R4030, R4038, R4044, R4045, or R4060 Dry Spinner Spreader chassis and the New Leader® Dry Spinner Spreader, operators have the ability to maintain spread widths even when rpm is reduced. John Deere's pressure-and-flow-compensated hydraulics allows operators to maintain spinner speed throughout each pass, while maintaining consistent spread width and pattern. This added height allows a greater trajectory at a lower spinner speed and has the ability for later-season applications.

    NOTE: With differences in fertilizer density, size, and crush strength, a spread pattern test is the only way to measure a product's true spread width and pattern.

    By maintaining spread width, operators can consistently place product throughout the fields and prevent bottlenecking of product at row end. A full spread pattern and reducing overlap through integrated technologies, such as AutoTrac™ assisted steering and John Deere Section Control, the 4 Series Dry Spinner Spreader will allow for full product coverage while reducing input costs from overlap.

    New Leader is a trademark of Highway Equipment Company.

Application system

Compatible series R4030, R4038, and R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayers
Product spread Dry fertilizer or lime
Conveyor system #4 belt over chain
Spreader material 304 or painted 409 stainless steel
Second product bin Optional
Rate control make SpreadStar™ rate controller