John Deere PD400 Inverter for Motor Control

for Motor Control John Deere PD400 Inverter

Features & Specs

  • Continuous Current: 400 Arms
  • Peak Current: 550 Arms
  • Power up to 300 kVA
  • Ambient Temperature
  • -40°C to 70°C
  • Weight
  • 17.3 kg


John Deere Electronic Solutions PD series of Inverters is based on a modular concept and enhances the Power Drives family of products. The PD modular components include: Power Stage, Bus Capacitor, and optional Brake Chopper, with a common Control Module.

The PD common Control Module is combined with the Power Stage (choose from multiple power levels combined in a single or dual inverter) and two Bus Capacitor sizes that match with single or dual configurations, with or without the optional Brake Chopper to form a PD configuration. The internal high voltage bus structure is common to all configurations and the Control Card electronics architecture supports the full suite of Power Drives software functionality. The high-voltage, high-power modules are designed to work at maximum efficiency with complete monitoring capabilities to ensure control under all conditions. The thermal management system is liquid-cooled for robust and reliable performance over the life of the system.


  • Environmental Specifications
  • Operational Specifications
  • Hardware Specifications
  • Power Module Specifications
  • Bus Capacitor Specifications
  • PD Configuration Examples


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