4WD Dimensions

Wheelbase, in. (mm) 2515 mm
99 in.
Wheel Tread, Min. to Max. in. (mm) Standard: 1829-3048 mm
72-120 in.
Optional: 2845-4064 mm
112-160 in.
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m) TBD
Nebraska Test Unballasted w/Duals, lb (kg) TBD - Nebraska Test
Unballasted Weight, lb (kg) Average shipping weight: 15,631 kg
34,460 lb


Manufacturer John Deere
Aspiration Variable geometry turbocharger with air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Cylinders/Displacement, cu. in. (L) 6 cylinders/9.0 L
549 cu in.
Cylinder Liners Wet
Fuel tank capacity, US Gal. (L) (Open; Cab) Standard
758 L
200 U.S. gal.

Final Drive

Type Inboard Planetary
Axle Type Bar
Brakes, Type and Control Hydraulic wet disk


Type Closed-center, pressure and flow compensated
Pump Rated Output, GPM (L/min.) Standard
166.6 L/min
44 gpmOptional
227.1 L/min
60 gpm
Rated Flow @ One SCV, GPM (L/min.) 132 L/min
35 gpm
Max Output @ SCV Couplers, GPM (L/min.) TBD - Nebraska Test
Maximum Operating Pressure, psi (kPa) 20,000 kPa
2,900 psi
Maximum Hydraulic Power, hp (kW) TBD - Nebraska Test
Hitch Draft Control Load Sense Type Electrohydraulic
Remote Control Valves Available Four standard
Three or five optional
Sensing type Electrohydraulic


Country of Manufacture Waterloo, IA USA
Ballasting Restrictions, lb (kg) Refer to Operator's Manual

Official Test

Nebraska Test number Nebr. OECD 1973, Summary 734

Operator Station

Rollover Protective Structure, OOS Rigid - Foldable - Telescopic
Rigid (cab)Platform - Flat/Straddle
FlatGearshift Location - Console/Floor
Cab Doors
One on left sidePlatform - Flat/Straddle
FlatdB(A) Rating
69.8 dBASeat Suspension System


Advertised PTO hp (kW) @ Rated rpm At 2100 per SAE: 205 kW
275 hp
Official PTO hp (kW) @ Rated rpm Maximum @ Eng rpm
At 1800 rpm: 237.77 kW
318.85 hp
At 2096 rpm: 207.93 kW
278.85 hp
Advertised Engine hp (kW) @ Rated speed At 2100 per 97/68EC PS: 254 kW
345 hp
Max Unballast Drwbr hp (kW) @ Eng rpm At 1957 rpm: 198.90 kW
266.73 hp
Maximum Torque (PTO) @ rpm, lb-ft (Nm) At 1500 rpm: 1409 Nm
1039 lb-ft
Maximum Torque Rise % (PTO) @ Eng rpm At 1698 rpm: 40 percent

Power Take-Off (PTO)

Standard 45 mm
1.75 in.
20 spline, 1000 rpm
PTO Speeds @ Engine rpm At 2001 rpm: 1000 rpm
PTO Actuation Electrohydraulic

Standard Tires

Track widths Standard: 635 mm
25 in.
Optional: 406 mm
16 in.
457 mm
18 in.
610 in.
762 mm
30 in.


Reverser Right hand with IVT
On-the-Go Shifting (Yes/No/Partial) Yes
Clutch; Wet/Dry Wet
Creeper Yes, IVT