John Deere 2025R vs. 2032R

The 2025R and the 2032R are both fantastic pieces of equipment. They share a number of similarities but have a few key differences, too. We’ll go over those differentiators to help you make the right decision for you and your property.

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SPECS John Deere 2025R John Deere 2032R
Key Specs - Engine power (gross) 17.8 kW
23.9 hp
SAE J1995 rated power
23.3 kW
31.2 hp
SAE J1995 rated power
Key Specs - Power take-off (PTO) power 13.4 kW
18 hp
18 kW
24.2 hp
Key Specs - Standard transmission; forward/reverse Hydrostatic - 2 range Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
Key Specs - Hitch type Limited Category 1 Category 1
Dimensions - Wheelbase 1600 mm
63 in.
172.5 cm
67.9 in.
Dimensions - Turning radius without brakes 2.65 m
8.7 ft
3 m
9.84 ft
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The Similarities

While the two compact utility tractors seem very similar on the surface, they straddle the line between two significant size categories of tractors. When searching for a tractor for maintaining and working on a homestead or personal property, both the 2025R and 2032R are capable of tackling almost any job. They can use many of the same attachments and come with many of the same features.

Differences Between the 2025R and 2032R

There are some key differences that could make one tractor a better choice for you.

Horsepower - The 2032R puts out more horsepower, with 4.2 more PTO and 8.3 more gross horsepower.

Hitches & Attachments - While both tractors come with 3-point hitches, the 2032R is capable of lifting and managing much larger attachments up to 1356lbs compared to the 2025R’s 882 lb lit capacity.
The 2032R also comes with John Deere’s iMatch™ Quick-Hitch system, which is compatible with all Category 1 implements.

Weight - The 2025R comes in at just under 1800lbs compared to the heavier 2032R at just over 2400lbs, a nearly 600lb difference.

Turning Radius - With a turning radius of just 8.7 feet without brakes, the 2025R is a maneuverable and versatile tractor with just over 1 foot more clearance while turning than the 2032R, which has a turning radius of 9.84 feet without brakes.

Operator Station - While the 2032R has a convenient and comfortable operator station with a tilting steering wheel, side step, and great over-hood visibility, the 2025R is available with an optional enclosed cab, complete with additional sound deadening, dome lighting, and interior heater.

Which one is right for you?

While both tractors are versatile and capable, the 2025R is more suitable for applications where space is limited for use and storage, if you have access to a larger tractor, or if you only rarely need to tackle larger projects. Daily duties that involve tight spaces – such as inside sheds or on a property with more trees – are easily handled by the 2025R. For property owners that need to use their tractor during inclement weather, the 2025R is the right choice thanks to its enclosed cab.

The 2032R is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a single tractor solution for a slightly larger property where you need to ensure that the job can be done, regardless of the Category 1 attachment you’re using or the power required to move your materials.

If you still need help deciding which tractor is right for your homestead, get in touch with our equipment experts by calling or visiting your nearest Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf location.