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Oct 02, 2019
Grooming Mower vs. Rotary Cutter: Which is Best for You?

When you purchase a compact tractor for property maintenance, you’ll most likely need mowing or cutting attachments. Grooming mowers and rotary cutters are both great options that cut grass, but are used in different conditions; and depending on your property, you may need one more than the other.

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May 15, 2019
The Pellenc Grape Harvester Is Changing the Industry

Labor availability is currently the most significant challenge facing the wine and grape industry. Vineyard owners who used to rely on experienced farm workers to return for grape picking season year after year have been negatively impacted by the many challenges facing the labor market.

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Jan 23, 2019
Automated Agriculture? More Than Science Fiction

John Deere’s 1st appearance at CES made a splash with a 20-ton automated Combine Harvester on the show floor and an automated tractor test on the back parking lot.

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