Benefits of Machinery Maintenance

Routine maintenance ensures you are getting the best power and fuel economy from your machine. Fluids, filters, and fans need to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis to keep engines running in peak condition. As part of our preventative maintenance program, our factory-trained technicians can complete all maintenance services, including any of the following:

  • Replace air and fuel filters
  • Clean or replace ignition points
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Clean air cooling fins
  • Change transmission oil and filter

John Deere Maintenance

Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf is a participating dealer in John Deere’s PowerGard™ Maintenance Plan. With this fixed fee program, your equipment’s maintenance needs will be taken care of on schedule for a pre-budgeted amount—no surprises.

We also offer routine maintenance on all other makes and models of agriculture and landscaping equipment. Contact your nearest Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf location in Washington, Oregon, California, or Idaho to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment today.

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