Building on over 100 years of experience in the harvesting equipment industry, John Deere delivers best-in-class power with the T-Series and S-Series combines, as well as a variety of specialty platforms. These machines come with integrated JDLink fleet management software—part of John Deere’s Precision Ag technology suite—to boost operator efficiency and raise crop yield. New combines from John Deere also offer higher capacity by virtue of innovative Dyna-Flo™ Plus and Active Terrain Adjustment™ features.

  • T-Series


    Described as the “ultimate walker combine,” Papé Machinery is proud to carry the John Deere T-Series combines.

  • S-Series


    Designed to be one of the most efficient combines, the John Deere S-Series features unparalleled technology and power.

  • Platforms


    Designed with your specific crop and field needs in mind, Papé Machinery carries a wide selection of John Deere platforms designed to deliver quality and efficiency in every job.

Interested In Combines?

At Papé Machinery, we are proud to be a John Deere dealer at our locations throughout Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho. Call or visit us today for your large agriculture equipment needs.

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