John Deere TH 6x4 Diesel
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  • Durable deluxe cargo box is spacious and allows for easy loading and unloading
    Deluxe cargo box (TX 4X2 shown)Deluxe cargo box (TX 4X2 shown)
    Deluxe cargo box, tailgate lowered (TX 4X2 shown)Deluxe cargo box, tailgate lowered (TX 4X2 shown)

    The deluxe cargo box side panels and tailgate consist of a 15 percent glass-filled polypropylene composite material that eliminates rust and dents and reduces noise. The cargo box floor and load guard (front panel) are made of steel.

    Deluxe cargo box tailgate
    Tailgate handleTailgate handle
    Tailgate lowered to 150 degreesTailgate lowered to 150 degrees

    The tailgate can be opened or removed for easier cleanout and to carry longer items. The tailgate features a truck-like latch, and can be operated with one hand.


    The standard installed lanyards can also be removed to lower the tailgate to 150 degrees for convenient loading and unloading tasks.

    Deluxe cargo box tilt
    Integrated handle (B) and latch (A)Integrated handle (B) and latch (A)
    Gas assist (C) and prop rod (D)Gas assist (C) and prop rod (D)

    The deluxe cargo box is now easier to latch (A), unlatch, raise, and lower with the integrated handle design (B) and gas assist (C).


    A prop rod (D) is provided to hold the box in the upright position for operator convenience, as well as limit box pivot travel.

    Integrated tie-down points
    Integrated tie-down point in cargo-box bedIntegrated tie-down point in cargo-box bed
    Additional tie-down points on cargo boxAdditional tie-down points on cargo box

    The deluxe cargo box offers integrated tie-down points for increased versatility. Tie-down points are located in the following areas:

    • Four corners inside the cargo-box bed
    • Four points on the load guard directly behind the operator station (A)
    • Tie-down bars on either side of the cargo box (B)
    • Six points on the underside of the cargo-box frame (circled)




    Box capacity


    465 cu L
    (16.4 cu ft)

    TH 6X4 gas

    454 kg (1000 lb)

    TH 6X4 diesel

    550 kg (1200 lb)




    Box dump angles (degrees)

    Manual dump

    43 degrees +/-1

    Power dump

    43 degrees +/-1



    Cargo box load height

    63.5 cm (25 in.)


    The cargo box load height allows for easy loading and unloading.

    CAUTION: Carrying extra-long cargo that extends beyond the box can adversely affect stability.

    Converting deluxe cargo box to a flat bed
    Deluxe cargo box converted to a flat bedDeluxe cargo box converted to a flat bed

    The deluxe cargo box easily converts to a flat bed by removing ten bolts and unplugging rear lights (if equipped) at the harness pigtail at the rear of the machine. The flatbed configuration allows loading irregularly shaped cargo.

    Optional accessories
    Brake and taillight with protectorBrake and taillight with protector
    Bedmat—protects the steel floor from dentsBedmat—protects the steel floor from dents

    Optional accessories for the deluxe cargo box include:

    • Factory-installed brake and taillight with protector
      • Brake and taillight only (for back-up lights, flashers and turn signals, order deluxe light kit)
    • Factory-installed spray-in liner (not shown)
      • Improves skid resistance and surface abrasion protection
    • Cargo box bed mat
    • Cargo box power lift (not shown)
  • Powered by 18.5-hp*, 993-cc, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine
    993 cc diesel engine993 cc diesel engine

    Powered by a 18.5-hp*, 993-cc, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine.


    *The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less.

    The engine offers the following performance and reliability features:

    • Overhead valve design for greater efficiency and fuel economy
    • Full-pressure lubrication system with replaceable oil filter 
    • Dry replaceable single-element air cleaner with remote intake
    • Indirect injection diesel with glow plugs insures fast starts in cold temperatures
    • Spark arresting muffler (optional)
    • Dual radiator system for additional cooling capacity
    • Deaeration tank decreases service time and ensures coolant will be free from trapped air
    • 18.9 L (5 U.S. gal.) fuel tank capacity
    Dual radiator system
    Single fill point (A) and overflow bottle (B)Single fill point (A) and overflow bottle (B)
    • Two radiators - one under the seat and one under the hood
    • Overflow bottle added under the hood
    • Single under-hood fill point for the entire cooling system
    • Increases vehicle cooling capacity by 30 percent to handle high ambient temperature conditions
    • Decreased occurrence of cooling system vapor lock by moving the front radiator to a high point in the system and having an overflow bottle
  • Precision-engineered drive system optimizes hauling, towing, and hill-climbing capabilities
    Gator TH 6X4 drive systemGator TH 6X4 drive system

    The Gator™ TH 6X4's power is transmitted from the transaxle to the center axle. The rear axle is driven by roller chains from the center axle.


    1. High flotation tires
    2. Transaxle
    3. Chain drive
    4.  Engine
    5. Variable-speed drive

    Key elements of the drive system are as follows:

    Variable-speed drive


    The variable-speed drive consists of two clutches connected by a drive belt:

    • Drive clutch is attached to and rotated by the engine.
    • Driven clutch is attached to and drives the transaxle.

    Features include:

    • Infinite selection of speeds (0 km/h to 32 km/h [0 mph to 20 mph])
    • No shifting necessary as operator increases speed
    • Adjusts speed to the load to avoid bogging down when going up a hill or through challenging conditions because the wrong gear was selected
    Variable-speed driveVariable-speed drive


    1. Idle speed
    2. Moderate speed
    3. High speed
    4. Drive clutch
    5. Driven clutch

    Here is how the variable-speed drive works:

    1. As the engine speed increases, the spring-loaded drive clutch is closed by weights being forced out by centrifugal force.
    2. As the drive clutch closes, the belt rides up to the largest diameter of the drive clutch and forces open the driven clutch.
    3. With the belt running in the smallest diameter of the driven clutch, the speed being transferred to the transaxle is increased.
    4. The driven clutch is designed to sense varying loads (inclines, mud, etc.) and constantly adjusts the drive speed upward or downward, so the engine rpm remains constant at constant throttle position.



    The transaxle is fully enclosed and runs in oil for reliability.

    Helical gears are used for quiet operation.

    The differential design reduces scuffing of the turf during turns because the inside wheels turn slower than the outside wheels (vehicles that have a solid axle shaft must skid the inside wheel when making a turn).

    Traction assist (differential lock) is built into the transaxle:

    • Allows locking the rear drive wheels together
    • Provides increased traction in tough spots

    The neutral start safety interlock is provided for the engine ignition system.


    Bolt-on cast-aluminum rear axle housings provide an extremely strong supporting structure.

    • Large, sealed bearings are located inside the housing for better protection
    • Forged-splined shaft for increased torsional strength
  • Features operating conveniences such as high-back seats, cup holders, 12-V outlet, glove box, and fuel gauge
    Side-by-side bucket seatingSide-by-side bucket seating

    Numerous features offer the operator and passenger a comfortable ride and provide many operating conveniences.

    • Side-by-side bucket seating provides room for one operator and one passenger
    • Hip restraints serve as a handhold and help to keep the operator and passenger in their seats over rough terrain
    • Both seats tilt forward for dry storage and ease of service
    • Choice of adjustable or non-adjustable driver's seat
    • Hour-meter is standard to assist in maintaining regular service intervals
    • Integrated cupholders
    • 12-V outlet located on instrument panel
    Convenient walk-through operator stationConvenient walk-through operator station

    The control location and walk-through platform provide easy entry/exit for operator and passenger.

    NOTE: Shown above with the optional front bumper, brush guard, front fender guard, and floor mat.


    NOTE: The front bumper is standard on the Gator™ TH 6X4 Diesel.

    • All models feature a park brake indicator light, hour-meter, and tank-mounted fuel gauge as standard equipment
    • Traction assist (differential lock) is hand operated and conveniently located between the operator and passenger seats
    • Traction assist indicator light (Gator TH 6X4 only)
    • Glove box is located in the dash to provide a convenient storage area for small tools and the operator's manual
    • Grab bar is provided for the passenger
    • Center-mounted key switch
    • Additional storage is provided between the seats


Type Wet disk in transaxle
Park brake Wet disk, hand operated


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Jul 05, 2015

Fantastic value!


We purchased our first 6x4 diesel in 2001. I simply don't know what we would have done without it over the past 14 years. I am now looking to buy a second Gator since my wife is always using ours when I need it. Every family should have two!


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