John Deere 6135E
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  • Loader-ready packages

    To further the versatility and efficiency of the 6E Tractors and their hydraulic capabilities, the 6Es can be ordered loader ready. Being able to add a loader to a 6E Tractor makes it an even more capable solution to the various tasks a utility tractor is challenged with.

    Mechanical joystick with dual-function mid-mount valve
    Joystick installed in cab tractorJoystick installed in cab tractor


    For the operator wanting to install a loader on a tractor, two-function and three-function hydraulic mid-mount valves with mechanical joystick are available.


    • The operator will be able to operate the loader using a joystick, increasing productivity and maneuverability

    • Available for both cab and OOS configurations on all 6Es

    • Quick installation of a loader once the tractor is received

    • Improved resale value

    NOTE: To field install the single-function lever controls (both two and three function) please refer to the Loader Sales Manual and Price Pages.



    Loader-ready package, two function mid-mount valve with mechanical joystick

    Includes: two-function mechanical joystick, four hydraulic hoses from mid-mount tractor valve to loader mounting frame, individual quick couplers, H-Series Loader mounting frames and hood guard.

    NOTE: Loader component of quick couplers are ordered with loader.

    All 6E Series Tractors

    Loader-ready package, three function mid-mount valve with mechanical joystick

    Includes: three-function mechanical joystick, six hydraulic hoses from mid-mount tractor valve to loader mounting frame, individual quick couplers, H-series loader mounting frames and hood guard.

    NOTE: Loader component of quick couplers are ordered with loader.

    All 6E Series Tractors
  • Tire combinations; two-wheel-drive (2WD), mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) and rear axle – radial tires

    Front and rear radial tire offerings are available on all models, except for the front tires on the open-operator station (OOS) configurations.

    6E with radial tire offering6E with radial tire offering


    • Better ride quality
    • Better wear characteristics
    • Less compaction
    • More efficient converting more power to the ground
    Tire combinations by model
    Codes 6105E6120E6135E
     Two-wheel drive (2WD) front   
    615110.00-16 in. 8PR F2 biasIn baseIn baseN/A
     2WD rear   
    5234460/85R38 in. 8PR R1W radialIn baseIn baseN/A
    5212460/85R34 in. 8PR R1W radialOptionalOptionalN/A
    5221420/85/R38 in. 8PR R1W radialOptionalOptionalN/A
     Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) front   
    6220380/85R24 in. 8PR R1W radialIn baseIn baseIn base
    6210340/85R24 in. 8PR R1W radialOptionalOptionalOptional
     MFWD rear   
    5234460/85R38 in. 8PR R1W radialIn baseIn baseIn base
    5212460/85R34 in. 8PR R1W radialOptionalOptionalOptional
    5221420/85/R38 in. 8PR R1W radialOptionalOptionalOptional
  • ISOBUS and tractor-baler automation offer new baling experience
    Tractor-Baler Automation simplifies baling experience
    A single manual action; system manages the restA single manual action; system manages the rest
    TBA awardsTBA awards

    The optional Tractor-Baler Automation (TBA) makes baling easy. This exclusive system manages most of the baling process and gives the customer the following advantages:

    • High baling comfort a single action to bale instead of four.
    • Error proof baling - even after 10 working hours, the system does not forget any action; a true advantage for an inexperienced driver.
    • Constant bale quality - same diameter bale after bale
    • Constant productivity - no reduced efficiency due to operators fatigue.

    When used with a John Deere ISOBUS tractor, electric selective control valve (E-SCV), and (IVT™) transmission, the system will be able to:

    • Stop the tractor when bale size is reached
    • Wrap the bale
    • Open the gate
    • Close the gate when bale is unloaded

    The only action remaining is to forward reverser and manage the steering.

    If the John Deere tractor is not equipped with IVT but has E-SCV and ISOBUS, opening and closing can be automated.

    A single touch on SCV, brakes, or reverser will disengage the automation. In the same way, automated open/close can be momentarily stopped when unloading in hilly conditions.

    Tractor-Implement Automation is an exclusive green on green advantage. This advanced technology option has won awards at SIMA and Agritechnica farm equipment show in Europe, a true cost/value guarantee.

    NOTE: to run through fully automated mode, a John Deere Isobus tractor with E-SCV and IVT is required. A baler activation key and a tractor activation key (different) have to be ordered.

    ISOBUS certified balers
    Plug in and bale with ISOBUSPlug in and bale with ISOBUS
    ISOBUS certified = compatibility guaranteeISOBUS certified = compatibility guarantee

    The 990 and 960 Balers offer ISOBUS compatibility as base equipment. This standardized communication not only allows the use of John Deere Greenstar2 1800, 2600, or 2630 Displays, but also the use of other ISOBUS conform competitive monitors.

    Adapter harnesses for non-ISOBUS tractors are available.

    User friendly interface
    Main page with simple and clear pictogramsMain page with simple and clear pictograms
    Bale or soft core density adjustmentsBale or soft core density adjustments

    The Baler interface displays information that is needed. The 900 Series monitors provide all required information:

    • Bale shape and diameter
    • Drop floor and knives position
    • Variable core activation
    • Tying process status
    • Gate position
    • Maintenance status

    Adjustments can also be managed from the operators station:

    • Bale size and density
    • Variable core diameter and density
    • Net and twine tying parameters
    • Knife selection
    • Automated lubrication
    • Tractor-Baler Automation status
    • Bale counter resets
    All ISOBUS display will fit the 900 Series
    GreenStar3 2630 fits the most demanding user needsGreenStar3 2630 fits the most demanding user needs

    The 960 and 990 Balers can be ordered without a monitor for customers who already have an ISOBUS display, or for those who search more advanced application (field management). Displays other than John Deere Greenstar2 1800 can be purchased through Ag Management Solutions (AMS) pages.

    Greenstar™2 1800 has the ideal display for baling application
    Greenstar2 1800 Display ordered with the balerGreenstar2 1800 Display ordered with the baler

    The 900 Series Balers can be teamed with all ISOBUS certified displays. The Greenstar2 1800 monitor can be ordered with the baler to match traditional baling requirements. When not baling this display can be used for other functions such as guidance and spraying applications when connected to an appropriate receiver and implement.

  • Engine, 4.5L PowerTech™ power and specifications
    Tractor models and horsepower
    PowerTech enginePowerTech engine


    All John Deere 6E Series Tractors feature the reliable and proven 4.5L (275-cu in.) engines. These engines deliver constant power over a wide range of rpm with a power bulge above rated power and excellent torque characteristics.

    The 6E Series, while being value-featured and competitively priced, are built with John Deere's long-standing reputation for reliability, durability, and maintainability.

    Model and horsepower outputs

    liters (cu in.)

    Rated power take-off (PTO) hp
    2100 rpm

    Rated engine hp
    97/68/EC standard

    6105E4.5 (276)89105
    6120E4.5 (276)102120
    6135E4.5 (276)115135


    Rated engine horsepower ratings are included for reference to competitor's gross or engine-only power ratings. There are several ratings systems used by other manufacturers. John Deere uses the horsepower-rating standard 97/68/EC, which is widely used in Europe for various regulations.

    How is engine-only rated and maximum power determined?

    John Deere engineering uses a precise procedure to measure engine-only power levels. The 97/68/EC standard is required in the European Union (EU) as an emission test, so there is some relation to the power a tractor has as a whole functioning unit; however, the procedure requires only that a production engine and radiator are used on a dynamometer test. Use the 97/68/EC horsepower ratings in the above chart to compare to competitor claims of engine-only power.


    PTO power and power bulge

    The John Deere exclusive single-injector control, electronic fuel injection system, and other key engine parts, work together to sense engine load and instantly respond as needed to pull through tough spots. This reduces engine rpm fluctuation resulting in the reduced need to downshift the transmission. Fewer shifts result in fewer ground variations, providing more overall tractor productivity.

    To match the engine power characteristics and improve economy of operation, the rated engine speed is 2200 rpm.

    Feature and benefit overview

    High-pressure common rail fuel system

    • Higher injection pressures, up to 27,500 psi, precise variable injection pressure, variable timing control, multiple injections

    Four-valve cylinder head

    • Cross-flow head design that provides excellent breathing from a lower-cost four-valve cylinder head


    • In turbocharged engines, the air is pre-compressed. Due to the higher pressure, more air is supplied into the combustion chamber allowing a corresponding increase in fuel injection which results in greater engine output.


    • Precisely matched to the power level and application, the 6Es are equipped with a wastegate (to divert exhaust gases) turbo.

    Air-to-air intercooling

    • Most efficient method of cooling intake air to help reduce engine emissions while maintaining low speed torque, transient response time and peak torque. Enables the engine to meet emission requirements with better fuel economy and the lowest installed costs.

    Compact size

    • 4.5 L (276 cu in.) 4-cylinder.

    Engine performance

    • Power bulge feature
    • Increased low-speed torque
    • Multiple rated speeds to further reduce noise and improve fuel economy
    • Higher peak torque ratings
    • Faster torque rise

    John Deere electronic engine controls

    • Monitors critical engine functions providing warning and/or shutdown to prevent costly engine repairs; eliminates need for add-on governing components; all lowering total installed costs.

    • Snapshot diagnostic data that can be retrieved using commonly available diagnostic service tools

    • New common wiring interface connector for vehicles or available OEM instrumentation packages; new solid conduit and T-connectors to reduce wiring stress, greater durability and improved appearance

    • Factory-installed engine-mounted ECU, wiring harness and associated components; industry standard SAE J1939 interface which communicates with other vehicle systems, eliminating redundant sensors and reducing vehicle total installed cost.

    Additional features

    • Self-adjusting poly-v-fan drive
    • Forged-steel connecting rods
    • Replaceable wet-type cylinder liners
    • 500-hour oil change


    Engine performance

    EPA tier levelFT4FT4FT4
    Engine model4045H4045H4045H
    97/68/EC at rated speed kW (hp)77 (105)88 (120)99 (135)
    Rated engine speed (rpm)220022002200
    PTO operating speed (rpm)210021002100
    Maximum torque engine speed (rpm)160016001600
    Fast idle speed (rpm)2275+102275+102275+10
    Low idle speed (rpm)900+10900+10900+10
    Torque curves
    6135E torque curves graph6135E torque curves graph
    6120E torque curves graph6120E torque curves graph
    6105E torque curves graph6105E torque curves graph
    Service intervals

    John Deere engines are designed and manufactured to deliver excellent reliability. The recommended service intervals of the engine should be coordinated with the tractor service intervals.

    Engine break-in service500 hours maximum with factory ship away oil and filter change
    Engine oil & filter change

    250 hours – oil and filter change
    500 hours with John Deere Plus-50™ II and John Deere oil filter

    Engine oil filter changeWith oil change
    Engine fuel filter changeAs required, 500 hours, or yearly
    Drain water separatorCheck and drain daily or every 10 hours
    Engine coolant change

    5 years or 5000 hours with John Deere COOL-GARD™ II and annual coolant tests

    Engine coolant conditionerAs required every 500 hours
    Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning intervalAs required
    DPF and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) replacementAs required

    Open crankcase ventilation (OCV)
    Filter service

    1500 hours
    Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) filter replacementEvery 3 years or 4500 hours
    Engine specifications
    EnginePowerTech PWLPowerTech PWLPowerTech PWS
    Engine model4045H4045H4045H

    4.5 L (276 cu in.)

    4.5 L (276 cu in.)4.5 L (276 cu in.)
    No. cylinders444
    Valves per cylinder444
    AspirationTurbo and aftercooledTurbo and aftercooledTurbo and aftercooled
    Engine managementElectronicElectronicElectronic
    Fuel deliveryHigh-pressure common rail (HPCR)HPCRHPCR
    Rated engine speed, rpm220022002200
    PTO operating speed, rpm210021002100
    Maximum torque operating speed, rpm160016001600
    Fast idle speed, rpm227522752275
    Low idle speed, rpm900900900
    Rated PTO power

    89 PTO horsepower
    (66 kW) at 2100 rpm

    102 PTO horsepower
    (76 kW) at 2100 rpm

    115 PTO horsepower
    (86 kW) at 2100 rpm

    Rated engine power105 hp at 2200 rpm [97/68/EC]120 hp at 2200 rpm [97/68/EC]135 hp at 2200 rpm [97/68/EC]
    Power bulge3% at 2000 rpm3% at 2000 rpm3% at 2000 rpm
    Peak torque318 lb-ft (432 N.m.) at 1600 rpm364 lb-ft (494 N.m.) at 1600 rpm397 lb-ft (539 N.m.) at 1600 rpm
    Torque rise29% at 220029% at 220025% at 2200
    Bore x stroke4.7 x 5.0 in.4.7 x 5.0 in.4.7 x 5.0 in.


  • 12 forward/12 reverse (12F/12R) and 24F/12R, PowrReverser™ transmission

    The 6E Series PowrReverser transmissions deliver unmatched performance. This transmission is ideal for working in tight areas where forward to reverse shifting is a primary occurrence such as in barns, feedlots and loader applications.

    Customers who are operating power take-off (PTO) implements like a rotary cutter or baler will appreciate the additional working speeds with the 24F/12R speeds PowrReverser transmission. High and low buttons are used to make fine adjustments in speed without the need to use the clutch delivering improved productivity.

    The PowrReverser transmission is base equipment providing 12F/12R speeds. Six well-spaced ground speeds place the operator in the important haying or rotary cutter range of 8 km/h to 20.9 km/h (5 mph to 13 mph). With this transmission, the operator can reach a top speed of 31.5 km/h (19.6 mph). The optional PowrReverser transmission 24F/12R will deliver 11 well-spaced ground speeds to match the correct speed for a haying or rotary cutter application with a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph).

    A dash-mounted PowrReverser modulation kit (LVB25727) is available to set the aggressiveness of the forward and reverse shuttle modulation that best fits the application or the operator's comfort level.

    Operator controls
    24F/12R high/low buttons24F/12R high/low buttons
    24F/12R high/low buttons24F/12R high/low buttons
    Gear and range levers in cabGear and range levers in cab
    Gear lever in open operator station (OOS)Gear lever in open operator station (OOS)
    Range lever in OOSRange lever in OOS

    Two levers, one for speed and one for range, with the addition of an electrohydraulic left-hand reverser, provide operators optimum control and maneuverability.

    1. Range lever (right-hand side [cab], left-hand side [OOS]) selects four ranges (A, B, C, D).
    2. Gear selection (right-hand side) selects speeds (1, 2, or 3) in the forward or reverse direction.
    3. Electrohydraulic left-hand reverser allows for quick and convenient shuttle shifting between forward and reverse at any speed.
    4. High and low buttons are located on the gear shifter for the 24F/12R PowrReverser transmission.


    Forward and reverse speeds

    All speed gears (1, 2, 3) are fully synchronized for shifting-on-the-go capabilities, putting less wear on the operator and saving time in the field. In the 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission, gears are synchronized for low shifting effort while the operator is doing field or loader work and during transport.

    The high and low speeds on the 24F/12R PowrReverser transmission can be shifted without clutching while the tractor is under load. This makes for quick speed changes when operating a rotary cutter or baler.

    To further enhance awareness of reverse tractor motion, a backup alarm can be field-installed (BSJ10026).

    The ranges (A, B) are not synchronized. This means the tractor must be stopped for the operator to select the range. However, with operator input, the speeds have been well spaced out to minimize the need to change ranges within applications. The ranges (B to C, C to D, and D to C) are synchronized. That allows the operator to shift ranges on the go in transport and high speed applications like operating a mower-conditioner.

    Wet clutch

    John Deere has led the industry in the innovation of wet clutches. In this wet-clutch design, five 17-cm (6.7-in.) diameter clutch disks provide optimum clutch modulation for smooth operation; the disks are oil-cooled for a lifetime of service.

    The biggest advantage of a wet clutch is its ease of use as the required force to depress the pedal is minimal. Also, with a wet clutch, the need for frequent adjustment and clutch mechanism changeover is eliminated.


    Ground speed chart 12F/12R and 24F/12R


    12F/12R PowrReverser wet-clutch transmission, two-wheel drive (2WD) front axle

    In base price for 2WD configurationsXX 
    138312F/12R PowrReverser wet-clutch transmission, mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) axleIn base priceXXX
    138624F/12R PowrReverser wet-clutch transmission, MFWD axleOptionXXX


Manufacturer John Deere PowerTech? PWS (B20 Diesel Compatible)
Engine family HJDXLO6.8302
Aspiration Turbocharge, wastegate Turbocharger with air to air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Cylinders/Displacement, cu. in. (L) 4.5 L
275 cu in.


2 Reviews
Sep 10, 2016

True Deere quality


My 6135e is used daily on the farm from pulling an 8yd dirt pan to a 21' disk the 24/12 transmission shifts smoothly and the high low sides of the gears are spaced just right for turning at the end of the field good hydraulics quiet cab. Tractor has no problem taking care of my 600 acres with ease


  • From: Tennessee, USA
  • Usage Frequency: Daily
  • Level of Experience: Expert
Jan 19, 2017

Good Tractor


This is a very good tractor, I use it on my 600cu mixer wagon and it handles it with ease. I also use it on my discbine and 13'' auger. The only con I have with the tractor is the transmission. Its not that handy to have to push the clutch in every time you need to shift a gear. This would be an excellent tractor if it had an 8 speed power shift transmission like the ones in the John Deere 4440s. I believe these tractors would sell like hot cakes if they had that 8 speed power shift, simple and worked great on the 4440s.


  • From: ND
  • Usage Frequency: Daily
  • Level of Experience: Expert