John Deere 5075M
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  • Mid-frame design for support and strength

    The exclusive mid-frame design on the 5M Series offers additional strength and durability but also reduces noise and vibrations. Because the mid frames are made from hardened cast steel, they will stand up to the toughest conditions and enhance loader operation stability and performance.

    The mid frames also act as protection for different pieces of essential equipment. The hydraulic pump, located between the mid-frames, is attached to the transmission for short hydraulic lines and simplified fluid flows. An optional mid-mount fuel tank allows the tractor to carry an extra 30.3 L (8 gal.) of diesel. This is especially useful for long days in the field or when a trip to fill up may not be convenient.

    The mid-frames are compatible with current loader mounting frames. This benefits customers interested in upgrading a tractor and keeping a H260 Loader.

  • Heavy base tractor weight for stability

    A heavy tractor means more down force to keep implements in the ground. More weight also leads to improved traction and performance in the field. Because the 5M is made with heavy and durable cast steel, it weighs enough to power through those tough jobs.

    The compactness of the 5M Series in regards to wheelbase, weight, and total height tractor makes this tractor suited for a variety of different applications and is the perfect choice for all types of farms.

    A heavy tractor also means better stability when performing loader work. Transport full bucket loads faster and lift bales higher with a stronger and more stable base.

    Tractor weight package
    Tractor weight package






    Two-wheel drive (2WD) open operator station (OOS)
    (lb; kg)
    7400; 3357 7300; 3310 7500; 3400


    2WD cab (lb; kg) 8300; 3765 8200; 3720 8400; 3810


    Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) OOS (lb; kg) 7900; 3583 7800; 3540 8000; 3630 8000; 3630
    MFWD cab (lb; kg) 8800; 3992 8700; 3950 8900; 4040 8900; 4040 
    With H260 mechanical self-leveling (MSL) OOS ~8307 lb ~8307 lb ~8307 lb  ~8307 lb 
    With H260 MSL cab ~9805 lb ~9805 lb ~9805 lb  ~9805 lb 

    *FT4 5075M has diesel oxidation catalyst/diesel particulate filter (DOC/DPF)

  • Heavy-duty 3-point hitch lift capacity for implement versatility

    The Category 2 3-point hitch on the 5M Series Tractors adapts to a wide variety of implements. Telescoping draft links with interchangeable hitch balls are factory-installed, enabling easier implement attachment. The 3-point hitch has plenty of lift capacity to handle heavy ground-engaging implements such as planters, sprayers, and field cultivators. The external cylinders allow a hitch lift capacity of 2174.1 kg (4793 lb) at 61 cm (24 in.) behind the hitch-lift balls.

    5075M 3-point hitch
    5075M 3-point hitch

    The 5075M comes standard with 56-m (183.7-ft) hitch lift cylinders, but the customer has the option of selecting the larger 63-mm (2.5-in.) lift cylinders that offer 2692.1 kg (5935 lb) of lift capacity at 61 cm (24 in.) behind the hitch lift balls from the factory (code 8458) or by ordering the field-installed heavy-duty hitch kit.

    Heavy-duty 3-point hitch
    Heavy-duty 3-point hitch

    The sway bars can be easily adjusted to adapt to a wide variety of implements and the right lift link adjusts without tools for added convenience when leveling implements. Operators do not need to carry a tool to adjust the rear hitch.

    Adjustable sway bars
    Adjustable sway bars
  • 32F/16R PowrReverser™ transmission

    For operators requiring more field speeds to achieve the most precise operating ranges, as well as for quickly moving from task to task with transport speeds of up to 40.23 km/h (25 mph), the 32F/16R PowrReverser Plus transmission is the ideal choice. This transmission provides 32 forward speeds and 16 reverse (32F/16R) speeds for the ultimate in speed selection. The transmission provides convenient push-button controls like the electrohydraulic high/low selector to gear up or down within a range without clutching.


    For horticulture producers needing more precise ground speeds, a 32F/16R PowrReverser with creeper is available. This enables operators to move at a slower, consistent speed within a range.

    Gear-shift lever with incorporated declutch button
    Gear-shift lever with incorporated declutch button

    The rabbit/turtle feature benefits operators who frequently transport their tractors from field to field or find themselves in bog-down situations during rear power take-off (PTO) work. Operators can push the rabbit button (high) without having to depress the clutch to get a 20 percent increase in speed. They can also push the turtle button (low) to get a 20 percent decrease in speed, similar to downshifting or engine braking without having to grab another gear. The 32F/16R transmission includes the infinitely variable shuttle control feature. The PowrReverser has a built-in engagement override valve for additional safety. This valve requires the clutch pedal to be depressed one time after each engine start before the transmission will begin to operate normally, giving the operator another opportunity to put all focus on the tractor.


    A neutral start switch requires the directional lever be in the neutral position to start the engine.

    32F/16R transmission includes:
    • Wet clutch
    • Platform-mounted shift levers (four gears, four ranges, with hi/lo selector)
    • Left-hand reverser (F to R without clutching)
    • Constant-mesh, helical gears
    • Pressure-lubricated top shaft
    • Positive park paw
    • Neutral start switch
    • Speeds ranging from 1.75 km/h (1.09 mph) (A-1) to 36 km/h (22.4 mph) (D-4) with 480/70R28 tires on the mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) tractor
      • For other ground speeds, please leverage the correction factors for other tires in the operator’s manual.

    All tractors have economy power take-off (E-PTO), a fuel-saving feature that allows drivers to operate rear implements at 540 PTO rpm but at lower engine rpm. The result is lower engine vibration, reduced noise, less wear and tear on the engine, reduced fuel consumption and increased operator comfort.

    See PTO functional area for more information on E-PTO.

  • Torque reserve for powering through tough spots
    Getting the power to the ground refers to torque. Torque is a force that produces or tends to produce rotation or a twisting force. Torque represents the useable power that can be achieved. The more torque, the more lugging ability is available. More torque also equates to more load carrying capacity.


    When the tractor is under load, power bulge and torque rise work together to get through the tough spots. Horsepower and torque are mathematically related.

    Power through tough spots
    Power through tough spots

    Benefits of torque reserve:

    • Improved fuel efficiency
    • Reduced noise levels
    • Less downshifting
    • Increased productivity
    • Efficient throttle response
  • PowerTech™ diesel engine provides low-end torque

    The engine powering the 5075M is EPA certified Tier Level 4. This is achieved through a combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).  John Deere uses the most efficient solution for the tractor package to meet emissions requirements at each horsepower level. The system always defaults to passive regeneration mode, and will only go into an active regeneration cycle when necessary without impacting engine performance. This active cycle takes place on average about every 40 hours of normal tractor operation. The regeneration process cleans out the DPF element.



    Engine displacement

    Engine hp

    PTO hp

    Rated rpm




    2.9 L (0.77 gal.)





    As per 97/68/EC ISO at rated speed.

    Other key engine features and related benefits:

    • Heavy-duty cylinder block – strength and rigidity
    • Balanced crankshaft – reduces engine vibration
    • Optimized cylinder heads – improved airflow, better fuel economy
    • Low friction, high-ring pistons – cast-aluminum design
    • Plasma-coated top rings – reduced drag on cylinder wall
    • Wet-type cylinder liners – dissipate heat to prevent cylinder wear
    • Full-pressure lubrication system – eliminates excessive heat
    • Electric fuel shutoff – does not allow bypass starting


Cooling system
Fuel tank Standard: Open: 111.9 L
29.6 U.S. gal.
Cab: 139.1 L
36.7 U.S. gal.
Optional: open: 141.2 L
37.3 U.S. gal.
Cab: 170.3 L
45 U.S. gal.


3 Reviews
Nov 30, 2015

poor quality


bought new last year and had problem from the start. First air conditioner didn't work, them after first oil change found out from oil sample that fuel was leaking into engine, had problem with engine stopping and then would not restart took numerous dealer time to fine problem and when it was time to use heater could not get any heat to cab because they had hoses kinked. Very poor quality control measures.


  • From: Minnesota, USA
  • Usage Frequency: Daily
  • Level of Experience: Expert
Mar 04, 2015

Grossly underpowered for it's weight


I operate this tractor at elevations exceeding 7700 ft. and have found it to be extremely hard to start without the block heater even if temperatures are in the 25-40 degree F. range. Lifting a large round bale and using the reverser simultaneously will cause it to smoke excessively and nearly bog down completely. I am not only extremely disappointed with this tractor but also very frustrated with it. It has simply not lived up to my expectations. Compared to my 6420 with nearly 4000 hours . . . well, there really is no comparison in any way! I cannot recommend it and do not plan to keep it around the ranch.


  • From: High mountain valley, Colorado
  • Usage Frequency: Daily
  • Level of Experience: Expert