John Deere 6R 215
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  • Transmission portfolio
    AutoQuad™ transmission
    6R Tractor 6R Tractor

    The AutoQuad transmission has all the benefits of the PowrQuad™ PLUS transmission with the added convenience of automatic gear shifting. It is available in 20F/20R and 24F/24R versions. With the EcoShift option, a transport speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) is maintained at only 1533 rpm, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


    Enhanced AutoPowr™ transmission – Infinite speed adjustment in all situations
    AutoPowr/IVT transmission AutoPowr/IVT transmission

    AutoPowr/IVT is a hydromechanical transmission that delivers stepless and continuous power at speeds between 40 km/h and 50 km/h (25 mph and 31 mph). The AutoPowr transmission maintains the selected speed by automatically responding to changing load conditions. Once running at maximum road speed, engine rpm automatically drops to the minimum level required to maintain that speed, thus reducing noise and saving fuel. A speed of 50 km/h (31 mph) is maintained at 1630 rpm, and a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) is maintained at 1300 rpm with the CommandPRO™ joystick.

    DirectDrive transmission – The benchmark for seamless efficiency
    DirectDrive transmission DirectDrive transmission

    Specifically developed for 6R Tractors, DirectDrive is an eight-speed, three-range transmission designed and engineered by John Deere for heavy agricultural work. Super-efficient dual-clutch technology always has the next gear lined up, so there is no lost momentum during changes, fuel consumption is reduced, and ease of operation is assured. During transport, DirectDrive reduces the engine speed to 1550 rpm at 40 km/h (25 mph) and 1600 rpm at 50 km/h (31 mph), thus reducing fuel consumption. In addition, the AutoClutch function enables you to stop the tractor without pressing the clutch.

  • Loader application
    R Series Loaders

    John Deere R Series Front Loaders have automatic latch designs, making the installation of loader and implements very efficient. John Deere loaders are built for productivity with little maintenance required. When combined with the maneuverability and technology of the 6R Tractors, operators enjoy proficient material handling and feeding in any application. An optional technology package boosts your productivity thanks to Return-to-Position and further enhances precision with the Dynamic Weighing System while preventing material losses thanks to the electronic Level-to-Horizon feature.

    Electronic control with reverser
    Optional electronic control Optional electronic control
    Joystick on the CommandARM™ console Joystick on the CommandARM™ console

    John Deere 6R Tractors have an optional electronic control with an integrated reverser. The loader control has five reconfigurable buttons and rocker switch for tractor and ISOBUS functions.

    Loader technology

    Dynamic Weighing System

    Enhance your precision on the go. The Dynamic Weighing System provides the operator with real-time weights that enable the operator to fill the loader to a desired weight. This delivers efficiency by reducing unnecessary trips to the feed source and allows operators to effectively manage the right combination of inputs into feed rations.


    Return to Position

    Boost your productivity for repetitive tasks. With Return-to-Position you can save up to four implement positions for quick and comfortable recall with the loader control.


    Level to Horizon

    Level-to-Horizon functionality Level-to-Horizon functionality

    Prevent material losses while keeping your speed with the Level-to-Horizon feature, which keeps the loader attachment level in uneven terrain.

  • Comfort and maneuverability
    Operate the 6R Tractor with ease Operate the 6R Tractor with ease
    Operator Comfort

    Triple-Link Suspension (TLS™)

    TLS suspension TLS suspension

    The TLS Plus system provides optimal traction and field performance by maintaining ground-to-tire contact, enabling more power to the ground. It also ensures higher operator comfort, reduces operator fatigue, and increases productivity, while the Variable Ratio Steering improves in-field maneuverability.


    Cab suspension

    Cab suspension system Cab suspension system

    The intelligent hydropneumatic cab suspension offers more driving comfort in the field and on the road. Input from the acceleration and TLS sensor causes the cab suspension controller to increase or decrease the amount of oil in the shock absorber ram. This semi-active system delivers ultimate comfort in every situation.

    Variable Ratio Steering
    Variable Ratio Steering off Variable Ratio Steering off
    Variable Ratio Steering on Variable Ratio Steering on

    Variable Ratio Steering improves operator comfort, requiring less hand movement and less steering effort when turning on the headland or in confined spaces. This results in faster turning of the steering wheel and increases hydraulic flow, leading to a quicker response from the tires. The system can be activated or deactivated in the CommandCenter™ display and is available for all 6R Tractors.

  • Engine performance


    The high power output of the John Deere 4-cylinder, 4.5L (274.6-cu in.) engine and the 6-cylinder, 6.8L (415-cu in.) engine is made possible by refined, four-valve, high-pressure common rail (HPCR) technology with an injection pressure of up to 2500 bar (36,259.4 psi). The PVS engine in the 6R 175, 6R 195, and 6R 215 models is equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) that boosts performance and efficiency consistently across the torque curve. The PSS engines (6R 230 and 6R 250) use a two-stage turbocharging system in which the VGT multiplies the pressure created by a fixed vane turbocharger.

    Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

    Intelligent Power Management (IPM) is a feature for many typical farming operations that use the rear power take-off (PTO) in high-power applications or the tractor as a transport vehicle. Operators who are looking for more power in non-stationary PTO and transport applications will be interested in the IPM feature. In high rear PTO power applications such as forage harvesters, rototillers, and beet or potato harvesting equipment or where heavy trailers, carts, or implements are moved to and from various locations, this feature provides significant additional capabilities. The solution improves productivity with more consistent ground speeds, quicker acceleration, and the ability to better hold desired transport speeds. All 6R Tractors have IPM in base equipment. Hydraulic IPM is available as a separate option to enable the IPM in applications resulting in high hydraulic loads.

    Reversible fan
    Reversible fan Reversible fan

    Optimize engine performance in dusty environments by utilizing the optional reversible fan technology available on all 6R Tractors. The reversible fan allows the operator to quickly clean radiator screens from the comfort of the cab. By manually activating the system with a switch in the cab, the radiator fan blades blow out dust and debris away from the radiator. This enables the engine to run cooler, resulting in fuel savings, less downtime, and overall increased efficiency.

  • Operator station
    View of cab View of cab
    Operator station

    The 6R Tractor cab delivers on comfort and convenience, regardless of your application. The all-around visibility and easy-to-use controls make the 6R a perfect fit for your operation. All 6R Tractors include a corner post display featuring state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation that blends well with the narrow right-hand cab post. This provides all the critical machine information and enhanced visibility. In addition, premium features such as automatic climate control, an instructor seat, and foot throttle come standard on the 6R Tractors.

    CommandARM™ controls and Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display
    CommandARM and Generation 4 CommandCenter display CommandARM and Generation 4 CommandCenter display

    The CommandARM console provides a thoroughly intuitive operating interface. All the controls you need for daily work are available at your fingertips: selective control valves (SCVs), AutoTrac™ automatic steering, iTEC™ machine control, air conditioning, lights, radio, four-wheel drive (4WD), and hitch depth control. Mounted on the CommandARM, the Generation 4 CommandCenter display has easy-to-use, tablet- like swipe functionality and monitors everything you need for productive and efficient work.

    CommandPRO™ control
    CommandPRO joystick CommandPRO joystick

    The CommandPRO joystick combines a unique driving strategy with reconfigurable controls. All the controls you need for daily work are available at your fingertips: travel speed, acceleration response, reconfigurable buttons and rocker switches, and activation button.

    Generation 4 CommandCenter display with Extended Monitor
    Gen 4 Extended Monitor Gen 4 Extended Monitor

    The Gen 4 Extended Monitor doubles the screen area so you can monitor more functions at once and have direct access to make adjustments when needed. You could, for example, view vehicle control functions on your primary display and Precision Ag applications on the Extended Monitor.

  • Technology, connectivity, and automation
    Operations Center

    The John Deere Operations Center brings all your farm management data together in one place. Easy to understand, its integrated tools support your agronomic decision making and help you get maximum yield and consistent quality from your soil at significantly reduced input costs. Operations Center is how you turn valuable agronomic insights into smart decisions and easily define corrective actions. Other integrated tools let you create site-specific variable rate prescriptions and allow you to collaborate with agronomic advisors by granting them field-specific access rights. Documenting your work for clients also becomes a breeze with easily created, printed, and shared reports. What’s more, an Operations Center account is free to use no matter how big your operation is.

    iTEC™ Pro

    Intelligent Total Equipment Control integrates AutoTrac™ automatic steering and implement management systems to control tractor speed, front and rear mounted implements, and differential lock engagement, among other parameters. This allows for hands-free turns while reducing soil compaction, resulting in picture-perfect headlands and consistent crop growth.

    JDLink™ system
    See where your machines are and what they are doing with JDLink See where your machines are and what they are doing with JDLink

    JDLink shows where machines are, what they are doing, and how they are performing. You or your dealer can remotely assist operators with machine setup and operation leveraging Remote Display Access (RDA). JDLink connectivity additionally includes Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) for seamless data exchange between the machine and the office.

    • Easily transfer data and collaborate with trusted advisors
    • Better enable data-driven decisions
    • Report work completed accurately and timely
    • Increase machine uptime with Connected Support through remote monitoring services and diagnostics
    • Get quick in-field support with RDA
    • Remotely manage machines and employees to give you insights into how they are performing
    Guidance solutions

     AutoTrac ready

    John Deere AutoTrac system provides a hands-free guidance solution, helping to manage in-field efficiency and greatly reducing operator fatigue. The 6R Tractor comes from the factory as AutoTrac ready, which includes the software, sensors and valves to provide an integrated solution for the producer (receiver and activation are purchased separately). This allows producers to capture the value of guidance without the installation of labor-intensive kits.  


    AutoTrac Turn Automation

    AutoTrac Turn Automation controls the entire headland turn and manages all tractor and implement functions, including forward speed changes and power take-off (PTO) switching. It raises or lowers the hitch or activates selective control valves (SCVs) at exactly the right time and position in the field to guarantee perfectly consistent headland crop growth.


    AutoPath™ system

    AutoPath automatically creates guidance lines for different width machines based on data gathered by the first pass of a tillage implement or planter. It takes charge of your guidance line management, protecting nutrient investment and helping you make each pass with confidence and precision. If you are using different width implements for planting, spraying, or harvesting, AutoPath ensures the tires always follow the planted rows and stay off the crop. When harvesting, the combine is always guided to the correct starting point, and the guidance lines are automatically calculated based on the width of the header.

  • Hydraulics
    Hydraulic system Hydraulic system

    The closed-center, pressure-and-flow-compensated hydraulic system in the 6R Tractors has been engineered for maximum       durability and reliability by optimizing the number of hydraulic components and connections, which also makes it extremely efficient. The system in the 6R 230 and 6R 250 delivers a powerful 160 L/min (42.3 gpm) at 1500 rpm with enhanced operating characteristics. In a 6R Tractor, you get up to six electrohydraulic selective control valves (SCVs) with a pressure relief lever, logically clustered, and all iTEC™ capable. You can easily control flow rates and times from the cab with the CommandCenter™ display.


    Hydraulic Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

    As a supplement to power take-off (PTO) and transport applications, Intelligent Power Management also delivers additional horsepower for hydraulically driven implements. The Hydraulic IPM keeps tractor wheel speed constant during applications that use power-hungry hydraulically driven implements like slurry tankers, sprayers, or manure spreaders.


Fuel tank 330 L
87.1 U.S. gal.
Cooling system 28 L
7.4 U.S. gal.
Crankcase oil volume 23.5 L
6.2 U.S. gal.
Transmission-hydraulic system IVT: 75 L
19.8 U.S. gal.
AutoQuad: 71 L
18.8 U.S. gal.
DirectDrive ECO: 81 L
21.4 U.S. gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank 20 L
5.3 U.S. gal.


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Nice tractor


Very nice and little over priced but drives very nice over rough terrain


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