John Deere 1025R
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  • Flexibility in operation with multiple mid-mower lift system options
    Mid-mower lift system options Mid-mower lift system options
    Mid-mower lift system options

    Standard mechanical mower lift
    The standard mechanical mower lift system moves the mower in conjunction with the rear implements and comes factory-installed on 1 Family Tractors.

    Optional hydraulic mower lift
    The optional hydraulic mower lift system allows the mower to be raised and lowered independently of the rear implements. It uses the loader joystick to lift and lower the mower deck.

    Optional independent hydraulic mower lift
    The optional independent hydraulic lift system allows the mower to be raised and lowered independently of the rear and front implements. It operates using a rocker switch mounted on the tractor, located at the operator’s left knee.


    For more information on this mid mower lift system click here.

  • Get year-round performance with the optional cab
    Heated cab is ideal for cold weather chores Heated cab is ideal for cold weather chores

    The John Deere 1R cab is about comfort, security, and helping you get year-round performance. The cab offers protection from the elements to expand the versatility of 1025R Tractors to perform in all climates.

    • Sound damping system for quiet, peace-of-mind operation
    • Heated cab keeps you warm in colder months
    • Removable doors and front and rear windows that open nearly 90 degrees provide a cooler work environment in warmer months.
    • Excellent visibility to your surroundings with the full glass doors
    • Compatible with all tractor implements except the 260B Backhoe
  • Excellent maneuverability and easy operation with standard four-wheel drive (4WD) and power steering
    Standard 4WD and power steering make 1 Family Tractors excellent for mowing Standard 4WD and power steering make 1 Family Tractors excellent for mowing

    Both 4WD and power steering are standard equipment on the 1 Family Tractors. This combination allows for excellent maneuverability and ease of operation.

    • Narrow overall width allows you to work in tight areas where most compact tractors just cannot fit. The 144.8-cm (57-in.) wheel base and 119.4 cm (47 in.) overall width gives great stability for all types of terrain.
    • Power steering means fewer turns of the steering wheel than manual steering, which is especially valuable when mowing around obstacles or during front loader work.
    • High horsepower-to-weight ratio makes the 1 Family Tractors a good choice for a variety of tasks. The overall tractor weight reduces ground compaction and makes them excellent for mowing.
    • The fully-independent power take-off (PTO) allows engaging and disengaging of the PTO without stopping tractor movement. This is important when driving across obstacles such as driveways while mowing.
  • Spend more time working and less time switching equipment with easy implement swaps
    Drive-over deck makes connection simple Drive-over deck makes connection simple

    1 Family Tractors are designed to minimize the time and effort needed to switch-out implements to accommodate different jobs.


    • AutoConnect Deck System: Connect a mid-mount mower deck to the tractor in less than 60 seconds without leaving the seat except to lock the gauge wheels.
      • Load-N-Go attachment: Easily move your 54D or 60D AutoConnect Deck with your John Deere Loader after it has been disconnected from the tractor with the Load-N-Go ramps.
    • Quik-Park™ Loader System: 120R Quik-Park™ Loaders are designed for easy mounting and removal in about a minute, with no tools needed.
    • Quik-Tatch™ front hitch: Save time switching front implements like a snow blower, rotary broom, or front blade without tools.
    • iMatch™ quick-hitch: Easily hookup Category 1 implements in seconds using three fixed points to back in and pick up rear implements without leaving the seat
      • Position control hitch: Set the rear hitch height and then consistently lower the hitch to the exact height every time, which is especially useful in grading and leveling applications.
    • Quik-Knect™ system: Connect power take-off (PTO)-driven implements quickly and with low physical effort. The Quik-Knect system utilizes one connector for the tractor’s PTO shaft and a designated connector for each implement which eliminates twisting and forcing splines to align.


    1 Family Tractors can have up to three implements mounted simultaneously due to standard dual selective control valves (SCVs), allowing you to switch from using one implement to another without stopping to adjust. When a third SCV kit is added, the number of possible combinations is greatly increased.

  • Comfortable and convenient open operator’s station
    1025R open operator station 1025R open operator station

    The 1025R open operator station is designed for greater comfort and increased visibility.


    Comfortable operation  

    • Thick, textured rubber floor mat reduces vibrations and absorbs shock and noise
    • Step-through flat platform and fender-mounted handrails make it easy to get on and off the tractor from either side
    • Controls are conveniently located next to the fenders and are color-coded for quick identification
    • Tilt steering lets you keep your arms in a natural position to reduce fatigue
    • Deluxe suspension seat has moveable armrests and provides great back support
    • Easy access toolbox puts common tools within quick reach
    • Standard 12-V outlet for convenient charging of electronics
    • Easy-lift hood with dual gas-charged lift struts as standard equipment. A simple flip of the latch lets you open the rugged composite hood, providing wide open access to the engine compartment.
    • Foldable rollover protective structure (ROPS) keeps you protected during operation and improve the ability to store tractor in a garage
    Foldable Roll-Gard ROPS Foldable Roll-Gard ROPS

    Foldable Roll-Gard™ ROPS is standard equipment on 1025R

    Increased visibility
    • Sloping hood design provides improved visibility especially during front loader work
    • Standard lighting equipment allows you to work from early in the morning to late at night:
      • Two front-mounted light-emitting diode (LED) headlights
      • Two amber-flashing warning/hazard lights mounted on the side of the ROPS with reflectors
      • Two LED fender work lights
      • Additional front- and rear-light kits are available
    Instrumentation Instrumentation

    Updated instrumentation is standard equipment for operating convenience and confidence. Instrumentation includes:

    • Tach/hour meter
    • Oil-pressure indicator light 
    • Alternator-indicator light 
    • Flashing-warning lights 
    • Coolant-temperature light
    Premium seat
    Premium seat Premium seat

    The thick, soft padding on this seat provides a smooth and comfortable ride. A high, scalloped back makes it easier for the operator to turn to view rear implements. The embroidered logo and premium vinyl not only provide an easy-to-clean surface but also a well-polished design.

    • Seat adjusts fore/aft for operator convenience
    • Seat flips forward for protection from the elements
    • High seat back and armrests are in base equipment and allow for a more comfortable operation
    • Retractable seat belt feature prevents the seat belt from becoming tangled in the seat suspension and controls
    12-V outlet
    12-V outlet 12-V outlet

    The 1025R Tractor features a 12-V outlet conveniently located on the right-hand side fender for easy access. The placement of the 12-V outlet is within arm's reach.

    Mower deck height-adjustment knob
    Mower deck height-adjustment knob Mower deck height-adjustment knob
    • The mower deck height-adjustment knob allows the mower height to be adjusted from 2.5 cm to 10.2 cm (1 in. to 4 in.).
    • A spring-loaded detent ensures the height position is locked into place.
    • The transport lock position holds the deck 10.2-cm (4-in.) from the ground, so that rear implements can be used separately while the mower is installed.
    Rear installed toolbox
    Rear installed toolbox Rear installed toolbox

    The 1 Family Tractor features a rear installed toolbox for easy accessibility and convenience.

    Beverage holder
    Beverage holder Beverage holder

    The beverage holder is contour-molded and seated into the fender for a clean look. It is conveniently located and dual-sized to accommodate many containers. The placement of the cup holder is within arm's reach.

    Fuel fill and fuel gauge locations
    Fuel fill and fuel gauge locations Fuel fill and fuel gauge locations

    The fuel fill location is conveniently accessible on the left-hand side fender. The fuel gauge is located in close proximity to make the fuel refilling process easier.

    Tilt steering
    Tilt steering Tilt steering

    The 1 Family Tractors feature tilt steering for easy maneuverability and convenience.

  • Quickly and easily change speed and directions with Twin Touch foot controls and Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
    Twin Touch™ pedals Twin Touch™ pedals

    The hydrostatic transmission’s infinite ground speeds and direction of travel are both controlled with the Twin Touch foot pedals.

    • Ideal for loader or mower applications where frequent direction and speed changes are needed
    • No clutching for fast direction changes
    • Match the job at hand with infinite ground speeds

3-point hitch

Type Limited Category 1
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms 344 kg
758 lb


543 Reviews
Sep 22, 2015

All Around Great Tractor


I bought this tractor just in time to replant my lawn after having geothermal installed. Contractor left my yard very rough. I bought the tractor, loader, rear blade, tiller, and 60in deck. Worked great for leveling and tilling yard. A larger machine may have made the job easier but would be unnecessary afterwards. I can't believe how well the John Deere tiller works. 25 horsepower and the cut of the 60" mower deck makes mowing fun again, and is pretty comfortable too. Did I mention the power this machine has, plenty to go around. I take care of it but I don't baby this thing either. It is a tool and I use it like one. It performs any job with ease. I put my wife on it with the loader while me and the kids picked up stones. I showed her once and she was able to operate it with ease. The only problem I've had was I had to tighten 3pt lever nut on shaft. Quick attach deck and loader makes switching tasks a piece of cake. My brother works for a large local farmer and operates the big tractors. He borrowed my 1025R for a large landscaping job for a week. He's called the dealer and now has his own on order.


  • From: Bad Axe
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Beginner
Jun 09, 2017

Pleasantly surprised


Our new 1025R was delivered this morning and I immediately began giving a serious workout using the front loader and the tiller. This tractor is all we will ever need! We love it and how simple it is to operate and the available power it renders is more than I expected!!


  • From: Kansas
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Intermediate
Sep 14, 2015

this product is very easy to operate


the drive over mower deck works great, the foot controls for the transmission, easy off loader , easy on off for the operator, great power for everything you want to do with it. I am very happy with this tractor although I kept my JD318 just for a few special projects.


  • From: berlin, vt
  • Usage Frequency: Daily
  • Level of Experience: Expert
Mar 12, 2018

Great Tractor - It will continually amaze you what it can do


My 1025R is an amazing tractor. I absolutely love it. I got the 60" auto connect deck, 260B back hoe with thumb and the 120R loader. Everything has worked very well and has that feel of quality. I was worried this tractor was going to be too small. However after operating it I am shocked how capable it really is. I would buy this tractor again without thinking twice. I looked at all the other tractors out there, they are not as well rounded of a machine as this. When you buy a Deere you expect quality, a well engineered machine, easy to use attachments and a machine that just operates well. John Deere delivered and then some. Totally satisfied.


  • From: Southern Michigan
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Expert
Aug 26, 2015

Really nice tractor


I get a lot of use out of the tractor. I like how easy it is to put the mower deck on. My only problem with the mower deck was the outside "ears" rubbed. I had to adjust them. It works fine now. I mow or use this on our small farming operation daily. Got a lot of bang for my buck.


  • From: Ohio, USA
  • Usage Frequency: Daily
  • Level of Experience: Expert