John Deere GM21 Series
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  • Quality cut with high blade-tip speed
    High blade-tip speed increases productivityHigh blade-tip speed increases productivity

    The high blade-tip speed and precise blade overlap work together to ensure exceptional strength, performance, and a quality cut when using the Frontier grooming mowers.

    NOTE: Image shown is of GM21 Series Standard-Duty Grooming Mower.

  • Quick and easy height adjustments
    Spacers make for quick and easy height adjustmentSpacers make for quick and easy height adjustment

    The GM21 Series Medium-Duty Grooming Mowers' stamped wheel yokes with air tires have spacers for quick and easy height adjustment.

  • Rugged gearbox with cooling fins
    Cooling fins help extend life of the gearboxCooling fins help extend life of the gearbox

    The GM11 and GM21 Series Medium-Duty Grooming Mowers comes with a 50-hp rugged gearbox. Cooling fins help extend the life of the gearbox.

  • Deck design increases productivity
    Rounded front enhances mower efficiencyRounded front enhances mower efficiency

    The GM11 and GM21 Series Medium-Duty Grooming Mowers have a rounded front-tapered rear deck design, allowing close mowing along trees, fences, buildings, and other obstacles.