John Deere 160A
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  • Center-feed auger with poly auger pans for improved crop flow
    Large 508-mm (20-in.) auger Large 508-mm (20-in.) auger
    Poly auger pan Poly auger pan

    The 508-mm (20-in.) center-feed augers are positioned over replaceable, high-density polyethylene auger pans. Rubber feed fingers and a direct-mounted hydraulic motor ensure optimum performance.


    Crop feeding is enhanced by the 100A Platform’s poly feed pan design, progressive feed paddles, and unique stripper bars, which combine to allow for smooth feeding even in adverse conditions. The poly auger pan reduces mud buildup, improves crop flow, and is easier to clean. The poly is longer lasting than other transition pan materials, as well as less susceptible to rock damage. The feed pan is made of two separate bolted-in sheets of poly. This sectional design allows for easier replacement than steel feed pans.

    Feed fingers Feed fingers

    The center-mounted rubber fingers keep crop moving consistently into the conditioner.


    NOTE: The 160A Grass Seed Windrower Platform does not have a conditioner.

  • Durable steel conditioner rolls for long life
    Steel conditioning rollers Steel conditioning rollers

    The A-Series conditioner rolls are a full 2591-mm (102-in.) wide for crimping performance and ensure thorough conditioning of the plant stem. The use of the steel-on-steel intermeshing roll design ensures that leaves are retained for high protein value, providing high-quality hay, forage, and alfalfa crops. The straight design of these conditioner rolls makes them easy to repair, as damaged sections can easily be cut out and replaced.


    The rolls are powered by a hydraulic motor with an adjustable speed from 601 rpm to 790 rpm. The steel rolls offer improved wear life, particularly in adverse soil and crop conditions.

  • Heavy-duty, multi-bat reel improves crop flow
    Heavy-duty reel Heavy-duty reel

    The 100A Windrower Platforms are built to meet the needs of a large producer or commercial hay grower.

    Large-diameter, 6.35 mm (1/4-in.) reel teeth are stiff enough to maintain control of the crop from the cutterbar to the augers for even feeding, especially in heavy crop conditions. The teeth nearest to the reel cam are formed to improve crop flow by the reel ends.

    The operator can easily control the reel speed from 15 rpm to 85 rpm.

    The teeth are designed to lift lodged and tangled material, then draw it against the cutterbar for close, clean cutting in any direction.

    Reel bat Reel bat

    Reel bats are made of oval tubing. The oval-tube reel bats increase the rigidity and strength of the reel.

    The bats are equipped with end caps and remain free from foreign material, reducing unnecessary loads on the reel.

    Standard 100A Windrower Platforms feature six bat reels. The 160A Grass Seed Windrower Platforms feature a seven-bat reel.

  • Heavy-duty knife drive and cutterbar for increased reliability
    Z-shaped cutterbar Z-shaped cutterbar

    The 100A Windrower Platforms have a twin-knife design.


    The twin-knife design uses two counter-stroking knives with two sections that overlap in the center of the platform. The advantages of this design are as follows:

    • Reduces cutting loads for increased reliability
    • Easier to remove and handle short knives for normal maintenance
    • Adjustable from 1400 to 1950 strokes per minute for clean cutting at productive ground speeds
    • Counter-stroking reduces vibration

    The Z-shaped profile of the cutterbar, along with rectangular reinforcement, improves the durability of the cutterbar along both the horizontal and vertical planes, allowing it to better withstand impact from field obstacles.

  • Optional reverser clears plugs effortlessly for higher productivity during tough harvest conditions
    Platform reverser controls on W155 Platform reverser controls on W155

    Platform reverser controls are available for the W155 Self-Propelled Windrower only:

    • Easily activated from operator's station to clear platform of plugs
    • Reverser slowly reverses the knife drive and optional hay conditioner, if equipped, to clear plugs
    • Highly recommended when using optional hay conditioner with 400D Platforms
    • Operators can run machines closer to their maximum capacity and it will take less time to unplug
    Reverser valve block Reverser valve block

    The reverser consists of a valve block and valves, shown in the image above. It is the gold-colored valve block on the right side. It is shown plumbed for a 100A Auger Platform.

  • Rock-drop opening protects conditioner rolls
    Drop-out area Drop-out area

    Located below the auger and in front of the conditioner rolls, the rock-drop opening allows rocks and other obstructions to drop out before reaching the conditioning rolls while still ensuring proper crop flow. The rock-drop feature helps to protect the platform's internal components from damage, which will increase uptime and productivity. It also allows sand, soil, and debris to drop out below the windrow for higher-quality crop and less foreign material in the windrow.

  • Adjustable reel-cam track to control crop release
    Cam track Cam track

    The reel cam is easily adjusted to match crop release to varying crop conditions, such as light to heavy crop.


    Cam-forward reel-tine control reduces the load on bearings and cam track for quieter, smoother operation and longer life. The higher position of the cam itself helps to keep it above the crop and away from debris. The smoother operation allows for operation speeds of up to 13 km/h (8 mph).

  • Adjust windrow width to meet drying requirements
    Windrow adjustment Windrow adjustment

    Right-hand and left-hand windrow-forming shields are easily adjusted from the rear of the unit.
    Independent adjustment of the forming shields gives the operator more control over the windrow formation. This is a simple, no-tool adjustment.
    The windrow width is adjustable from a narrow, 0.9-m (3-ft) swath to a wide, fast-drying, 2.3-m (7.67-ft) swath, depending on crop conditions.

    The rear fluff shield enables further control over the shape of the windrow.

  • Header index ensures optimum platform speeds
    Header index control Header index control

    The header index adjusts the reel speeds in relationship to the windrower ground speed; the operator can focus on the platform position instead of adjusting the reel speed as the windrower speed changes due to field conditions. The index feature maintains a preselected speed based on the ground speed plus an easily adjusted index number. This ensures that when the operator sets the index, the reel will turn fast enough to ensure proper crop flow.

Angled-steel conditioner rolls

Length 2590 mm
102 in.
Speed 601 - 790, variable hydraulic rpm
Diameter 233 mm
9.17 in.
Drive Hydraulic motor to enclosed gearbox
Type Intermeshing steel rolls