John Deere HD40F
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  • Harvest more acres per day
    X Series Combine with 50-ft (15.2-m) Hinged Draper X Series Combine with 50-ft (15.2-m) Hinged Draper

    Harvest acres faster than ever before with a 50-ft (15.2-m) John Deere Hinged Draper built off the 700D and 700FD Drapers’ proven foundation.

    • Harvest over 30 acres (12.1 ha) an hour of wheat and soybeans with one HD50R and X9 1100 Combine – When in canola, you can expect to harvest 25 acres (10.1 ha) an hour.
    • Harvest an additional  33 acres (13.4 ha) per day with a John Deere 50-ft (15.2-m) Hinged Draper – Go across the field fewer times by covering an additional 33 acres (13.4 ha) per day compared to similar 45-ft (13.7-m) models at the same ground speed.
  • All-day performance in all crops and conditions
    X Series Combine with 50-ft (15.2-m) draper X Series Combine with 50-ft (15.2-m) draper

    The goals for harvest are simple – harvest on time and put more grain in the tank. The John Deere HDR and HDF Drapers not only harvest more bushels per hour and acres per day but capture more crops along the way.

    • Reduce cutterbar loss by 25 percent – John Deere Grain Saver Draper Belts help trap grain before it can roll past the cutterbar onto the ground (compared to standard draper belts) with a unique crosshair (+) design.
    • Cut header loss by up to 25 percent – Decrease header loss in high-volume canola with large fingered top augers (compared to non-fingered augers) that grab fluffy crops and pull them against the draper belts. Fingered top augers let you easily straight-cut canola.
    • Reduce center section losses by up to 45 percent - Capture more crop with the center section seal kit.
    • In-cab settings help you spend more time harvesting – In-cab header downforce  adjustment saves time during the day compared to out-of-cab, by-hand adjustments on MacDon® models.

    MacDon is a trademark of MacDon Industries Ltd.

  • Save $3.00 CAD ($2.40 USD) per acre compared to MacDon® FD1
    Field test validation with PAMI against CLAAS® and MacDon Field test validation with PAMI against CLAAS® and MacDon
    Field test validation with PAMI against CLAAS and MacDon Field test validation with PAMI against CLAAS and MacDon

    John Deere hinged drapers were engineered, designed, and built for reducing canola grain loss when paired with an X9 or S700 Combine. John Deere contracted with the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) to independently test, validate, and quantify full header loss advantage against CLAAS and MacDon, and the hinged drapers proved a $3.00 CAD ($2.40 USD)* per acre grain loss advantage over the MacDon FD145. Based on an internal survey of producers who used the HDR Draper head in last year’s demo season, 97 percent had a positive experience around total canola grain loss.


    For complete PAMI testing results, reference their website.


    *NOTE: Per acre advantage based on the following inputs:

    • Yield – 72 bu/acre
    • $10.60 CAD ($8.43 USD) per canola bushel
    • 0.4 percent of a bushel savings per acre

    MacDon is a trademark of MacDon Industries Ltd. CLAAS is a trademark of CLAAS KGaA mbH.

  • Follow the ground to capture more crop
    X Series Combine with 50-ft (15.2-m) Hinged Draper X Series Combine with 50-ft (15.2-m) Hinged Draper

    John Deere HDR and HDF Drapers follow the ground by pivoting, gliding, and flexing over uneven fields to provide the best cut possible.

    • Achieve the best of both worlds by adding a flexible cutterbar to a hinged draper, which already provides double the wing range of the MacDon® FD1 Draper – Hinged Drapers are available with a rigid knife on an HDR and a flexible knife on an HDF. The HDF Hinged Draper reduces missed crop when cutting on the ground in soybeans or lentils by 6 percent compared to MacDon and 2 percent compared to the HDR and RDF.*
      • *NOTE: Theoretical internal John Deere study between a 13.7-ft (45-m) MacDon FD75, 640FD, HD50R, and HD50F based on static machines by measuring the area between the knife and ground based on the average lowest pod.
    • Capture more crop by adjusting to the ground – Industry-exclusive hydraulic suspension separates the header from the combine, allowing it to float over the field for a more consistent cut. As the header approaches extreme field terrain, Active Feeder house Position Control automatically adjusts the feeder house height to position , enabling more float range in challenging fields
    • Harvest in difficult crop conditions – Capture downed crop with the push of a button on the CommandARM™ console to automatically raise the gauge wheels and extend your reel out and down. Harvest the most challenging lodged crop confidently with a 24 percent increase in reel torque (compared to the 700FD).
    • Keep a clean cutterbar no matter the field or crop – A more consistent distance between the reel fingers and cutterbar (compared to the MacDon FD145) ensures the crop is cleanly swept across the cutterbar and evenly fed into the combine throughout the full wing range.
    • Improve the consistency of stubble height by 25 percent compared to the MacDon FD1 – Achieve consistent stubble height behind the combine – an advantage for better seeding performance in no-till applications. Compared to the competition, operators no longer must leave the cab to set the cut height with John Deere height control gauge wheels. The draper automatically maintains the desired cut height while floating over the land.

    MacDon is a trademark of MacDon Industries Ltd.


Knife drive Double-cut, dual-drive, shaft-driven cutterbar: 10.2 cm
4 in.
Base skid shoe height 3.8 cm
1.5 in.
Knife speed X Series Combine: 520 cycles/min
S-Series Combine: 490 cycles/min
Type Straight-line knife drive system
Length 12.2 m
40 ft