John Deere C6R
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  • More bushels per hour and more acres per day
    X Series Combine with C16F Corn Head X Series Combine with C16F Corn Head

    You have more acres to harvest, which means starting harvest earlier – and sometimes at moisture higher than 32 percent – to get all your work completed on time. The solution is the CF and CR Corn Heads from John Deere. Available in a wide range of row spacings, these corn heads match the capacity of John Deere combines, letting you harvest up to 7,200 bu (253,721 L) per hour in high-yielding, dry corn. Additionally, you can  harvest 65 more acres  per day with a 16-row corn head compared to a 12-row corn head at the same ground speed.

    • Cover more acres per hour and put more clean grain in the tank – The larger, 19-in. (48.3-cm) auger with increased torque helps you cover more acres per hour than John Deere’s current 700C Corn Heads. This ensures you can harvest high-yielding or high-moisture corn with ease. What’s more, you can reduce the pinching of kernels since the auger has a smaller and more consistent gap between the auger flighting and floor compared to the Geringhoff Rota Disc® system.
    • Relax and enjoy worry-free, automated, on-the-go unloading – The massive capacity boost of an X Series Combine with a 16-row corn head means you’ll need to unload more often. Take the worry out of on-the-go unloading by choosing Machine Sync, which allows the combine operator to control the tractor and grain cart's movement to make unloading more comfortable than ever.
    • AutoTrac™ Row Sense™ is the perfect choice whether you harvest six or 18 rows at a time –To get harvest done on time, you need to run faster, which will make you appreciate AutoTrac Row Sense. Corn heads offer AutoTrac RowSense in base equipment to closely follow the rows  with less operator effort. In down corn, terraces, or pivots, it works efficiently while reducing operator’s stress.

    Rota Disc is a trademark of Carl Geringhoff Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

  • Treat residue like an asset rather than an afterthought
    C12R Corn Head with Stalk Deflectors C12R Corn Head with Stalk Deflectors

    John Deere CF and CR Corn Heads are built to handle corn residue. You can start managing residue right away during harvest by appropriately sizing and distributing the residue evenly across your field to speed decomposition and improve soil warming to make planting manageable and effective.

    • Size residue right at the corn head – Compare the RowMax Chopping Stalk Rolls to similar competitive models from Calmer® and the benefits are easy to see. RowMax Chopping Stalk Rolls provide 30 percent better wear life, consume less power, and keep more trash out of the combine. They also size 50 percent of the residue less than 6-in. (15.2-cm) long, which speeds breakdown and burial without washing or blowing away in the field.
    • Reduce tire and track wear while increasing trade-in value – Minimize tire and track damage with John Deere Stalk Deflectors that are one-fifth the weight of Lankota® Stalk Stomper® equipment. John Deere-designed and factory-installed Stalk Deflectors are lightweight and directly installed onto the frame. Set behind each row, they fracture corn stubble by pushing it down toward the ground, reducing the chance of damage to the tires and tracks of your combine, as well as any other equipment you take into the field. Not only does it extend the life and increase the trade-in value of your tires, but it also reduces overall maintenance costs.

    Calmer is a trademark of Calmer Corn Heads, Inc. Lankota and Stalk Stomper are trademarks of Lankota Group, Inc.

  • All-day performance in all crops and conditions
    John Deere corn head harvesting corn John Deere corn head harvesting corn

    No cornfield is perfect. John Deere corn heads make the best even better by offering features to help you tackle any field without hesitation, no matter how imperfect the conditions might appear.

    • Match changes in stalk and cob size throughout the field - with on-the-go robust, reliable, and low maintenance (compared to Drago) hydraulic adjustable deck plates.
    • Quickly harvest less-than-ideal fields – Down or leaning crop is no problem with Active End Fenders. They improve harvest in down or flat stalks by letting you maintain a consistent speed without worrying about losing ears.  It’s a benefit you’ll notice in the down crop, but it can be equally crucial in standing crop. Plus, Active End Fenders reduce the need to stop and clear crop buildup from the outer row-units.
    • Decrease harvest loss – Longer end fender extensions on rigid and folding corn heads rise higher in the air to help save ears from being tossed over the side. This industry-unique end fender allows you to use the extensions and Active End Fenders together while still using them independently. On folding corn heads, the end fender extensions automatically lower when folded.
  • Harvest down crops with confidence
    Wind damaged corn can be very difficult to harvest Wind damaged corn can be very difficult to harvest

    You have little control over the challenges that weather can bring. Wind damaged crops are often blown down, hiding the rows and making it nearly impossible to see where to harvest. The AutoPath™ system addresses these issues by providing accurate guidance lines even when the crop rows cannot be seen.


    • AutoPath uses data gathered during the source operation (first pass) to map the location of each crop row. This data is used to create a series of guidance lines for the entire field which precisely follows the crop row, regardless of crop condition. You no longer need to manually create or reuse guidance lines, which can be very difficult when crop is down.
    • AutoPath guidance lines position the machine accurately to start in the right place. When harvesting down crop, it can be nearly impossible to know where to start operating. AutoPath gives you accurate starting points for opening new fields, even in tough field conditions.
    • AutoPath guidance lines track crop rows accurately, even when rows are not visible. When operating in the field with down crop, it is disorienting to manually drive the machine. Twisted down crops make it easy for you to move off the proper line, increasing harvest time. AutoPath lines accurately follow crop rows, even when they are not visible.
    • AutoPath guidance lines allow the operator to focus on other important tasks. Harvesting in down crops can be overwhelming. Dealing with down crops increases the chance of slugging the machine. Unloading on the go is even more challenging in down crops. AutoPath gives you accurate guidance in all conditions, including down crops. This allows you to focus on other important tasks like crop feeding or unloading.
    Down crops can make it impossible to see where to drive manually Down crops can make it impossible to see where to drive manually

Corn Head

Minimum clearance between gathering chains and ground 32 mm
1.25 in.
Gathering chain adjustment Spring loaded, self-adjusting
Slip clutch One per row-unit plus auger drive
Center and outer gatherings Hinged, quickly removable
Deck plate adjustment Hydraulic adjustment
Row unit drive Enclosed, submerged-in-lubricant gearbox, driven by single input hexagon shaft
Trash knives Full-length, one-piece, heat-treated steel
Stalk deflectors Factory-installed option
Stalk rolls Opposed, intermeshing, and chopping (two per row-unit)
Gathering points Four-position, low-profile floating type hinged above gathering chains
Gathering chains Heavy-duty, 620, endless steel roller chain with chromed pins (no master connecting link)