Auxiliary top auger

Type Optional hydraulic drive


Type Straight line knife drive system
Length 7.8 m
25.5 ft
Knife drive Base single, optional dual knife (combine use only)
Base dual knife (SPW only or SPW/combine combination use)
Knife speed 490 cycles/min
1,040 spm
Cutterbar tilt Base Hydraulic, 9 degrees tilt maximum


Platform length 8.5 m
27.9 ft
Overall operating depth 2.4 m
7.9 ft
Transport width, field position 8.1 m
26.5 ft

Draper belts

Width 0.7 L
24 oz
rubber coated polyester with V-Guide tracking
Side belts 1,016 mm
40 in.
Center belts 1,397 mm
55 in.
Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Clean height 25.4 mm
1 in.
Operating speed Side belts: variable up to 223 m/min
735 fpm
Center belts: 212 m/min
695 fpm
Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Speed control Hydraulic from cab
Center belt reverse Base; Center belt not included with SPW configuration

Feed drum

Diameter 406 mm
16 in.
Feed drum not included with SPW configuration
Feed drum fingers Steel heavy-duty round 16 mm (0.625 in) diameter with breakaway notch and retainer
Number of fingers 18
Auger finger platform Dual chevron, retracting
Finger reach 152 mm
6 in.
Drum/auger reverse Base
Operating speed 195 rpm
Center clean out door Base

Header height sensing

Type Electro-hydraulic base
Header height sensing on the ground Base

Pickup reel

Number of slats 6 bat poly base
8 bat steel optional (for forage conditions)
Fingers Nylon (steel optional, typically used in rice or forage conditions)
Diameter 1,067 mm
42 in.
For rice or forage conditions 1,371 mm
54 in.
Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic
Reel lift Cylinder stroke 330 mm
13 in.
Total range 391.5 mm
15.4 in.
Reel fore and aft Cylinder stroke 359 mm
14.1 in.
Total range 620 mm
24.4 in.
Reel resume Base
Reel reverse Base
Operating speeds 6-54 rpm
Operating speeds (54-in. reel) 5-44 rpm


Approximate weight (pickup reel) Combine only 2,884 kg
6,359 lb
SPW only 2,284 kg
5,036 lb
Approximate weight (optional 54-in. reel) Combine only 2,974 kg
6,556 lb
SPW only 2,374 kg
5,234 lb