Angled-steel conditioner rolls

Type Intermeshing steel rolls
Diameter 233 mm
9.17 in.
Speed 601 - 790, variable hydraulic rpm
Length 2590 mm
102 in.
Drive Hydraulic motor to enclosed gearbox


Diameter 508, single auger mm
20, single auger in.
Drive Hydraulic direct -drive
Speed 230 - 320, variable hydraulic rpm


Drive Timed dual knife
Speed Variable, 1450 - 1900 spm
Guards Two-tine, double heat treated forged pointed guards, Non-clog guards optional
Knife (chrome) Over-serrated, 9 serrations per inch or 14 serrations per inch available


Platform cutting width 4.95 m
16, 3 ft, in.
Platform overall width 5.41 m
17, 9 ft, in.
Platform weight 2656 kg
5850 lb
Windrow width (depending on crop conditions) 915 - 2540 mm
36 - 100 in.

Hydraulically driven, variable-speed reel

Adjustable Up and down, fore and aft
Tooth bars Six sectioned with regreasable bearings and six reel bats w/ end caps, 7th bat available for dealer inst.
Variable speed 51-85 rpm
Diameter 1080 mm
44 in.
Drive Hydraulic


Compatibility W110 and W150 Windrowers
Formation Adjustable swathboard (plus adjustable forming shields on windrower)