John Deere 120R
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  • Easily remove and mount loader to and from the tractor without tools
    Quik-Park™ loader mounting systemQuik-Park™ loader mounting system

    The Quik-Park mounting system on the 120R Loader is designed for easy removal and mounting to and from the tractor without tools.


    Just like on the former H120, the parking stand is attached to the mast. To lower it into the park position, simply move the joystick to the raise position once the latches are opened.


    To view a video of how the Quik-Park™ system works click here.


    NOTE: This video only shows the dismount and mount of the loader without disconnecting the hydraulics. To completely remove the loader, the operator must turn the tractor off, relieve the hydraulics, and then disconnect the hoses from the couplers.


    Easy removal and mounting (shown on a noncurrent 1026R)Easy removal and mounting (shown on a noncurrent 1026R)
    Mount to and from the tractor without toolsMount to and from the tractor without tools

    The D120 does not utilize the Quik-Park system as used on the 120R, but rather has two parking stands that are stored within the torque tube for a manual parking process.


    Remove the parking stand from the torque tube area and place within the loader foot plate during the parking process (as shown).

    Once the loader weight is being supported by the bucket and parking stands, manually remove the pins from the mast assembly and disconnect hydraulics.


     After installing the parking stands, removing the parking pins and disconnecting hydraulics, simply back away.

  • End-of-pin lubrication on cylinder and pivot pins allows easy access for servicing grease points
    Pivot pinPivot pin
    Pivot pins shown on the 120R LoaderPivot pins shown on the 120R Loader

    The unique offset head design eliminates cross-pins and cotter pins to retain the pin.


    A nut ensures the pins remain in position.


    A lubrication groove provides a path for lubrication.


    End-of-pin lubrication allows easy access for servicing grease points, which are visible from the side of the loader.


Bucket used General Material 1250
Bucket weight 70.2 kg
154 lb
Lift capacity at full height Measured at pivot (U)
342 kg
754 lbMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (V)
236 kg
520 lb
Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm) Measured at pivot (W)
337 kg
743 lbMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (X)
263 kg
580 lb
Boom breakout force Measured at pivot (Y)
826 kg
1823 lbMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (Z)
599 kg
1320 lb
Bucket rollback force capacity At maximum height (VV)
741 kg
1634 lbAt 59-in. (1500-mm) lift height (XX)
770 kg
1700 lbAt ground-level line (ZZ)
819 kg
1807 lb
Dimensions Maximum lift height (A)
1828 mm
72 in.At full height - bucket level(B)
1671 mm
65.8 in.At full height - bucket dumped (C)
1371 mm
54 in.
Overall length (I+F), ft (m) 2786 mm
107.9 in.
Digging depth (H) -88 mm
-3.2 in.
Reach At maximum height (D)
626 mm
24.7 in.At ground level - bucket level (F)
1186 mm
46.7 in.
Bucket angle Dump angle, degrees (E)
-40.5 degree (angle)Rollback angle, degrees (G)
29.87 degree (angle)Dump angle, ground
-115.4 degree (angle)
Cycle times Loader raise, seconds
3.2 secondsLoader lower, seconds
3.2 secondsBucket dump, seconds
3.1 secondsBucket rollback, seconds
2.2 seconds