John Deere WR30 Series
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  • Down pressure spring adjustment
    Fine-tuning spring allows for top-quality rakingFine-tuning spring allows for top-quality raking

    Adjusting the fine-tune spring on the WR30 Series allows proper wheel down pressure.

  • Easy raising and lowering of rake wings
    Single cylinder allows for easy adjustmentsSingle cylinder allows for easy adjustments

    A single cylinder with a linkage system allows easy raising and lowering of the rake wings.

  • Rake width adjustment
    Easily adjust the rake to the desired position Easily adjust the rake to the desired position

    The raking width on the Frontier™ WR30 Series Carted Rakes can be adjusted to three different positions with the pin and fine-tuned with the turnbuckle screw.


Transport length 5.48 m
18 ft
Windrow width Minimum
121.92 cm
48 in.Maximum
182.88 cm
72 in.
Raking width Minimum
6.1 m
20 ftMaximum
7.31 m
24 ft
Transport width 2.89 m
9.5 ft
Frame clearance 60.96 cm
24 in.