John Deere WR00 Series
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  • Carted design with wide wheel base and high ground clearance
    Greater ground contact with wide wheel baseGreater ground contact with wide wheel base
    Sturdy frame and high ground clearanceSturdy frame and high ground clearance

    The 1.8-m (6-ft) wheel width helps keep the raking wheels in contact with the ground over rough terrain, increasing productivity. The wheel rake has 50.8 cm (20 in.) of ground clearance which helps keep the hay away from the cart frame.

  • Quick field adjustments
    Easy-to-set windrow and raking widthsEasy-to-set windrow and raking widths
    Three settings for dual-spring rake arm suspensionThree settings for dual-spring rake arm suspension

    The WR00 Series Carted Wheel Rake has two easy adjustment points to fine-tune windrows and gather more hay in each bale.

    1. Utilize the two-point-position pin and hole adjustment to set both windrow and raking widths.
    2. Set the adjustable dual-spring rake arm suspension to three different settings to match terrain and crop conditions.
  • Increased wear life of moving components
    One grease zerk per wheelOne grease zerk per wheel

    The wheels have 7-mm (0.28-in.) diameter tines for increased wear life. The larger-sized tines will stand up to more crop and ground movement during use.


    Grease zerks also help increase the wear life of each wheel. There is one grease zerk for each wheel and two grease zerks located on the frame to keep moving parts lubricated and operative.

  • Compact design for optimal transport dimensions
    Wheel rake arms in transport positionWheel rake arms in transport position

    The raking arms and wheels fold on the cart for a minimum transport width of 2.5 m (8.2 ft). This compact design allows an operator to easily transport and store the equipment.


    Hydraulic lock out valves and wing transport chains keep the wings safely folded up during transport.

  • Adjustable hitch to match wide array of tractor drawbar heights
    Simple hitch adjustments for different heightsSimple hitch adjustments for different heights

    The adjustable hitch allows for added versatility for the WR00 Series Wheel Rake. The wide array of tractor tire sizes, drawbar heights, and hitch adjustments add more convenience for hay operations.


Windrow width Minimum
61 cm
24 in.Maximum
129.5 cm
51 in.
Raking width Maximum
6.4 m
21 ft
Transport height 2.75 m
9.0 ft
NOTE: Transport heights can vary based on unit setup. Dimensions are for reference only.
Transport width 2.5 m
8.2 ft
Transport length 5.3 m
17.5 ft
Frame clearance 50.8 cm
20 in.