John Deere TD34 Series
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  • Finger joints
    Finger jointFinger joint
    Folded finger jointFolded finger joint

    These joints reduce the number of moving parts and wear points to provide a more direct transition of power for longer life and improved performance. When the hinge is folded up the fingers are still in contact to maintain proper alignment; then, when the fingers fold down, they lock into place.

    The finger joints are supported by sealed bearings to reduce wear and vibration. This results in longer machine life, reduced downtime, and a more consistent delivery of torque to the outer rotors.

  • Hands-free locking transport wheels
    Hands-free locking transport wheelsHands-free locking transport wheels
    Hands-free locking transport wheel overallHands-free locking transport wheel overall

    The TD3427 Tedder is equipped with a cart that the rotors fold onto for field-to-field transport. On the cart are larger transport wheels to provide for greater stability when traveling down the road. These wheels come with a hands-free locking mechanism that automatically locks the wheels in a straight forward position when the rotors are folded in the transport position.

    When the transport tires are locked in a straight position it allows for substantially easier backing up of the machine and provides greater stability when traveling down the road at higher speeds.

  • Transport wheel suspension
    Transport wheel suspensionTransport wheel suspension

    The transport wheels on the TD3427 come equipped with a spring suspension system inside the housing which forces the cart to be raised once the weight of the rotors are removed from it during unfolding. The additional clearance created by this suspension system helps the tedder float over small surface changes.

  • Over-center folding
    Over center foldingOver center folding

    The TD3418 features an over-center hydraulic folding design, so when changing from operating to transport position there is no need to leave the tractor seat.

  • Hydraulic tine pitch control
    Hydraulic tine pitch control on the TD3427Hydraulic tine pitch control on the TD3427
    Hydraulic tine pitch control on the TD3418Hydraulic tine pitch control on the TD3418

    The tine pitch height can be adjusted hydraulically inside the cab so the operator never needs to leave the seat once the tine pitch height has been set using the handle on the tedder. This allows for quick customization to mowed hay height in different fields, as well as on-the-go compensation for terrain changes such as terraces.


Transport length 2.8 m
9.2 ft
Transport height 2.7 m
8.8 ft
Transport width 2.8 m
9.2 ft
Tedding width 5.5 m
18.2 ft