John Deere SB31 Series
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  • Knife and guard maintenance
    Cutterbar knife guardCutterbar knife guard

    The bolt-on cutterbar knife guards and the riveted sections on the Frontier™ sickle-bar mowers can be removed and replaced individually.

  • Breakaway mechanism has been strengthened
    Stronger for added life and cutterbar protectionStronger for added life and cutterbar protection

    The enhanced breakaway mechanism has been strengthened on the SB31 Series Sickle-Bar Mowers for improved cutterbar protection and longer machine life.

  • Adjustable skid shoes control working height
    Adjustable skid shoesAdjustable skid shoes

    The adjustable skid shoes on the cutterbar make it easy to control the working height of Frontier™ sickle-bar mowers.

  • Belt-driven cutter blades manually adjust for added tension
    SB11 Series belt-driven cutter blades shownSB11 Series belt-driven cutter blades shown

    The cutter blades on the Frontier™ sickle-bar mowers are belt driven with a manual adjustment for tension. 

  • Cylinder stop redesigned
    Can be operated from tractor seatCan be operated from tractor seat

    The redesigned cylinder stop can be raised from the operator station by a cable and attached pull rope. This allows the operator to raise the cutterbar fully to move around obstacles without leaving the tractor seat.


Maximum cutting height 7.6 cm
3 in.
Working width 235 cm
92.5 in.
Minimum cutting height 2.5 cm
1 in.