John Deere 3975
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  • IntelliGuard™ metal detector protects cutterhead and livestock
    IntelliGuard metal detectorIntelliGuard metal detector

    The available IntelliGuard metal detector protects the cutterhead and livestock from ingestion of iron-based metal objects.


    When stray metal is detected, a sensor in the lower feedroll sends a signal to a solenoid, which causes a pair of locking pawls to stop the feedrolls.


    The sensor then alerts the operator to the metal location in the feedrolls by LED lights on the monitor.


    A red light and alarm on the control (shown) alert the operator when metal has been detected.


    Diagnostics and calibrations


    The self-diagnostic system allows the operator to test the metal detector to ensure it is operating correctly.


    IntelliGuard can be calibrated and adjusted for maximum sensitivity under various crop, field, and machine conditions.


    If feedroll damage occurs, IntelliGuard can be recalibrated to account for the damage and still maintain the ability to sense ferrous metal.

  • Exclusive Dura-Drum™ cutterhead enclosed-drum design saves fuel, power, and money
    Enclosed-drum design cutterheadEnclosed-drum design cutterhead

    The cutterhead is equipped with 48 individual knives on the 3975 Pull-Type Forage Harvester (PTFH) and 36 individual knives on the 3955 PTFH.


    The segmented-knife design allows material to move away from the cutterhead more efficiently. The produces a high-quality cut (even through heavy mats) while using less horsepower.


    The slotted mounting holes allow the knife to retract if rocks or other obstructions are encountered.

    To replace the damaged knife, simply loosen the mounting bolts.:

    • No need to replace additional knives to balance the drum
    • Saves time and minimizes repair costs
  • Kernel processor cracks corn silage for better digestibility
    Kernel processorKernel processor

    A kernel processor is available factory installed for the 3975 Pull-Type Forage Harvesters (PTFH).


    Two large-diameter rolls with sharp heat-treated flutes crack whole-corn silage for better digestibility.


    The fluted rolls accelerate the crop into the auger.


    The kernel processor works as the top roll rotates at 1940 rpm and the bottom roll rotates at 2830 rpm.


    This difference in speed between the rolls creates a tearing action; it nicks the kernels, breaks the cobs, and shreds the stalk.

    More feed is digested

    By processing corn silage, more surface area is created for the microbes (the bacteria in a cow's stomach) to digest the fibrous material and transfer the available starch into energy.


    When more feed is digested, more energy is available to the animal. When more energy is available, it can result in greater milk production and daily gain efficiency.


    Recommendations and requirements


    The kernel processor works well in whole-plant corn or for ear-corn silage. It can be bypassed to use in grass or legumes.


    For any machine configuration, a minimum of at least a 152 mm (6-in.) right-hand wheel extension is required and is included with option code 7600. 


    If a 24-tooth sprocket with a full set of knives is used with the kernel processor, an anti-carryover shield and lower-front feedroll pan may be required to prevent crop carryover.


    The kernel processor is driven by belts off the cutterhead driveshaft.