Angle adjustment Manual or hydraulic
Lubrication Hy-Gard oil
Disk speed 2,650 rpm
Number of disks 9
Adjustable gauge shoes Yes
Type John Deere
Angle range 2-8 degree (angle)
Disk drive Gear
Cutterbar protection ShearHub
Number of knives 18
Knife tip speed 307 km/h
191 mph
Oil reservoir capacity 10.4 L
11 U.S. qt
Cutting width 4.5 m
14.5 ft
Cutterbar oil check Combination sight glass, drain plug
Cutting height 1.6-11.8 cm
0.63-6.7 in.


Transport width
4.5 m
14.5 ft
Standard tires 31x13.5-15, 8PR
Weight, impeller conditioner 3,078 kg
6,785 lb
Transport length
8.8 m
28.9 ft
Weight, roll conditioner With Urethane roll conditioner: 3,161 kg
6,969 lb
With V-10 steel roll conditioner: 3,270 kg
7,209 lb
With tri-lobe steel roll conditioner: 3,325 kg
7,330 lb


Are wrenches required for adjusting?

Impeller conditioner

Diameter 59.5 cm
23.4 in.
Width 268 cm
106 in.
Number of speeds Two
Drive 3-V powerband belt and sheaves
Number of tines 72
Tines type V-tines

Key Specs

Transport width 4.5 m
14.5 ft
Cutterbar - cutting width 4.5 m
14.5 ft
Hydraulic pressure required 15,513 kPa
2,250 psi
Optional hitch Drawbar swivel
Number of disks/knifes 9
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Standard hitch Rockshaft swivel
1000 rpm 1-3/8 in. PTO 100-150 hp
75-112 kW

Rolls conditioner

Type of material Urethane or Steel
Drive Telescoping shaft
Width 269 cm
106 in.
Design Urethane: Recessed cleat, Steel Intermeshing flutes (V-10 and Tri-Lobe)
Speed 800 rpm
Diameter 25.4 cm
10 in.

Tractor equipment

Hydraulic pressure required 15,513 kPa
2,250 psi
Standard hitch Rockshaft swivel
Optional hitch Drawbar swivel
Tractor connection 21 spline

Additional information

Date collected August 24, 2020