John Deere HM12 Series
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Pick-up width 2.7 m<br/>9 ft
Base unit length With pole swung in<br/>6.7 m<br/>22 ftWith pole swung out<br/>6.4 m<br/>21 ft
Base unit width With optional 2-ft extension unfolded<br/>4.96 m<br/>16.3 ftWith optional 4-ft extension unfolded<br/>5.57 m<br/>18.3 ftWith optional 6-ft extension unfolded<br/>6.18 m<br/>20.3 ftWith optional extension folded<br/>4.51 m<br/>14.8 ft<br/>4.35 m<br/>14.3 ft
Conveyor width 107 cm<br/>42 in.
Base unit height 1.6 m<br/>5.25 ft