John Deere HM11 Series
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  • Adjustable head height optimizes performance
    HM11 Series Hay Merger adjustable headHM11 Series Hay Merger adjustable head

    Reposition two pins to change the head height of the Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger for optimal performance in changing conditions. Adjustable gauge wheels allow the head to float from side to side.

  • Plastic teeth prevent metal debris in crops
    HM11 Series Hay Merger's plastic teethHM11 Series Hay Merger's plastic teeth

    The Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger features replaceable pickup teeth that prevent metal from entering the crop. The pickup teeth are made from durable plastic.

  • Tail wheel works perfectly in uneven fields
    HM11 Series tail wheelHM11 Series tail wheel

    A brake assembly on the rear swivel tail wheel of the Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger keeps the merger steady while working in uneven fields or during transport.

  • Merging allows for a quick transition
    HM11 Series Hay Merger quick-disconnect hosesHM11 Series Hay Merger quick-disconnect hoses

    The Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger is equipped with quick-disconnect hoses that allow operators to switch between left- and right-side merging.


Base unit height 1.37 m
4.5 ft
Base unit width With optional accelerator roller
4.8 m
15.75 ftWith optional 2-ft conveyor extension (fixed)
5 m
16.3 ft
4.36 m
14.3 ft
Base unit length 5.9 m
19.25 ft
Pick-up width 2.7 m
9 ft
Conveyor width 107 cm
42 in.