John Deere WR12 Series
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  • Rake beam support wheel kit for WR1214 and WR1216 Wheel Rakes
    Rake beam support wheel Rake beam support wheel

    Rake beam support wheels provide added support to the front corner of each beam of the wheel rake. They improve float over irrigation tracks, as well as in rough ground conditions.


    NOTE: When ordering a quantity of one, two wheels are shipped, one for each side of the beam.

  • Narrow transport width
    Creates easy transport for narrow roads Creates easy transport for narrow roads

    Frontier™ WR12 Series High-Capacity Wheel Rakes open and close hydraulically. Transport widths are 2.6 m (8.5 ft) or less, making it easy to negotiate narrow roads and gates.

  • Offset wheels for smooth, level raking
    Offset wheels are perfect for uneven terrain Offset wheels are perfect for uneven terrain

    The limited oscillating, offset tandem wheels on the Frontier™ WR12 Series High-Capacity Wheel Rake ensure a smooth ride, even over irrigation tracks.

  • Center kicker wheel conversion kit for WR12 Wheel Rakes

    The center kicker wheel conversion kits have either two or three center kicker wheels that rake the hay in the center of the WR12 Series High-Capacity Wheel Rakes. These center kicker wheels improve drying time and windrow pickup for the baler by raking the hay that is not turned by the rake wheels.

  • Wind panel conversion kits for WR11, WR12, WR33, and WR34 Wheel Rakes

    This conversion kit includes one wind panel with hardware. It is used on wheel rakes for applications involving short or dry crops that can blow through a standard rake wheel.

  • Easy windrow width adjustment
    A crank aids the windrow width adjustment A crank aids the windrow width adjustment

    A crank located at the rear of the Frontier™ WR12 Series High-Capacity Wheel Rake makes it easy to adjust the windrow width.

  • Hydraulic aftermarket kits for wheel rakes

    The first conversion kit listed consists of hydraulic couplers that are not standard equipment on WR1212, WR1214, WR1216, and WR1218 Wheel Rakes.


    The second and third conversion kits allow the operator to hydraulically open and close raking arms on the featured wheel rakes instead of having to manually adjust them. 

  • Wheel conversion kits for WR12, WR23, WR23, and WR33 Wheel Rakes

    The tandem wheel conversion kits for the WR12, WR22, WR23, and WR33 Series Wheel Rakes improve the ride over rough fields and terrain.


    The two-wheel add-on kit converts the WR1214 to a WR1216 to increase raking width.


    The extra wheels conversion kits add fifth and sixth wheels to the WR2212 and WR2316. The extra wheels support the ends of each wing to reduce raking wheels from over-engaging the ground on rough or rolling terrain.