John Deere DM50 Series
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  • Shear hub assembly serviceability
    Oval-shaped disc removedOval-shaped disc removed

    Cutterbar serviceability is easier on the DM50 Series Disc Mowers. Remove the oval-shaped disc(s) with only four bolts per disc. The shear hub assembly can be serviced by removing the remaining four bolts. This will save time and oil replacement costs by not splitting the entire cutterbar to replace the sheared hubs as required in previous models. 

    Shear hub assembly on DM50 SeriesShear hub assembly on DM50 Series
    Shear hub assembly on DM50 SeriesShear hub assembly on DM50 Series

    Take the shear hub assembly off the cutterbar by removing only eight bolts.

  • Park stand and arm system
    Park stand in park positionPark stand in park position
    Park stand in operating positionPark stand in operating position

    The DM50 Series Disc Mower park stand and parking arm work together to transfer the mower’s weight to the cutterbar while in the parked position. This makes the attachment process easier, saving time and frustration.

    Park arm in park positionPark arm in park position
    Park arm in operating positionPark arm in operating position
  • Simple float spring tension adjustment
    DM50 Series float spring tension adjustmentDM50 Series float spring tension adjustment

    Set the float spring to get maximum performance during operation. Adjust properly so the down pressure does not damage crop stubble as the skid shoes pass through the field.

  • Transport lock system
    DM50 in transport positionDM50 in transport position
    DM50 in operating positionDM50 in operating position

    The transport lock system is a simple mechanical system that saves time and ensures safety. Use the rope system to raise the transport lock, engage selective control valve (SCV) 1 to bring the cutterbar into the transport position, and release the rope system to lock for transport.  

  • Category 1 and 2 Quik-Hitch compatible
    DM5050 and DM5060 hitchDM5050 and DM5060 hitch
    DM5070 hitchDM5070 hitch

    Models DM5050 and DM5060 are Category 1 and 2 Quik-Hitch compatible. Model DM5070 is Category 2 and Quik-Hitch compatible. This efficiency provides the operator greater productivity regardless of the model being used.


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