John Deere 390
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  • Heavy-duty hood and end plates
    Heavy-duty hood and end plates  Heavy-duty hood and end plates

    The hood and end plates are designed for heavy-duty applications:

    • Hood is made of 0.48-cm (0.188-in.) thick steel to resist denting and wear.
    • End plates are made of 0.64-cm (0.250-in.) thick steel to provide structural support and resistance to side thrusts.
    • Full-length torque tube helps prevent twisting when operating on uneven ground.
  • Heavy-duty gearbox and drive shaft
    Heavy-duty gearbox Heavy-duty gearbox
    PTO drive shaft PTO drive shaft

    All John Deere flail mowers feature this rugged, heavy-duty gearbox with a continuous 65-hp rating and an intermittent 90-hp rating. Another feature included is a five-year, unlimited-hour warranty.

  • Tractor hookup
    3-point hitch on 360 Flail Mower 3-point hitch on 360 Flail Mower
    3-point hitch on 370 and 390 Flail Mowers 3-point hitch on 370 and 390 Flail Mowers

    All machines have a Category 2/1 3-point hitch. Bushings or reversible pins are included for Category 2/1 compatibility.


    The 360, 370, and 390 Mowers with centrally mounted hitches are suited for normal cutting conditions:

    • 360 Mower is compatible with quick-coupler Category 1 only.
    • 370 and 390 Mowers are compatible with quick-coupler Category 1 and 2.

    The 390 Mower with a 30.5-cm or 66-cm (12-in. or 26-in.) hitch offset to the right is ideal for trimming along walls, buildings, trees with low-lying branches, fences, or orchards.

  • Base equipment side-slicer knives or optional smooth-cut knives available
    Side-slicer knives Side-slicer knives

    Base equipment side-slicer knives are good all-purpose knives. They provide aggressive cutting action in tough conditions.


    The side-slicer knife characteristics are as follows:

    • Knives are made of heat-treated alloy steel for durability.
    • Individual knife weight, along with the centrifugal force created, provides an aggressive cutting action.
    • Edges are ground to provide a sharp cutting surface and reduced horsepower requirements.
    Rotor Rotor

    Smooth-cut knives can be ordered as an option:

    • Smooth-cut knives utilize the same mountings as the side-slicer knives.
    • These optional knives are good for grassy, weedy conditions and are self-cleaning.
    • Knives can also be resharpened for added wear life.

3-Point Hitch

Quick-coupler compatible Yes (Category 1 and 2)


1 Review
May 04, 2016

great mower


works the best on high tough weeds have been cutting 6' plus mustard flower weed and star thistle, i'm trying not to push the mower to much because my tractor is to much for this mower it's a 6140D 140 hp dont want to over heat the right angle gear box so far seems to do great, might try the single curved edge cutters once i have a handle on the weeds, i'm new to this tractor and mower, I've mowed for years with a 6' rotory mower and a 60 hp JD before this.


  • From: California, USA
  • Usage Frequency: Daily
  • Level of Experience: Expert