John Deere AB17K Series
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  • Maintain crop quality
    AB17K bale squeezeAB17K bale squeeze

    The AB17K is ideal for plastic-wrapped bales. By not puncturing the wrap, crop quality remains high during bale storage.

  • Two-bale capacity
    Two-bale capacityTwo-bale capacity

    By opening to 279.4 cm (110 in.), the AB17K is capable of loading trailers efficiently by stacking two bales at a time.

  • Quick, easy connection
    Loader connectionLoader connection
    Quick hydraulic connectionQuick hydraulic connection

    A global Category 2 compatible connection enables the operator to connect by simply lining up the loader carrier to the frame, locking it into position, and connecting the quick-connect hydraulics.

Attachment carrier

Current series style Global Category 2