John Deere GM20 Series
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  • Safety chain shield
    Standard chain shield for added safetyStandard chain shield for added safety

    GM20 Series Grooming Mowers come standard with a safety chain shield.

  • Choose from various cutting blades
    Three blades per deckThree blades per deck

    To meet specific mowing needs, choose from four blade types:

    • Standard
    • Mulching
    • High lift
    • Flat
  • Gearbox with spiral gears
    Highly engineered and rugged for extra strengthHighly engineered and rugged for extra strength
    Gearbox cutawayGearbox cutaway

    The rugged gearbox on the GM20 Series Standard-Duty Grooming Mowers feature highly engineered spiral gears to dramatically reduce noise, increase endurance, and transfer more power to the cutting blades.


Quantity Two
Type 5VX, polyester/cogged
Adjustment Slotted track