Auxiliary top auger

Type Optional hydraulic drive

Center opening / crop delivery

Center opening width between belts 1,720-1,950 mm
67.1-76.7 in.
Deck shift / double windrow capability (manual / hydraulic / not available) Manual standard
Hydraulic optional


Type Dual knife
Cut width (length) 12.2 m
40 ft
Knife drive Hydraulic motor to belt to enclosed heavy-duty wobble box
Knife speed 550-700 cycles/min
1,100-1,400 spm
Cutterbar tilt Standard hydraulic
Optional mechanical (2.5-12.0 degree tilt)


Platform length 12.6 m
41.3 ft
Overall operating depth With crop dividers: 2.6 m
8.7 ft
Transport width, field position 12.6 m
41.3 ft
Transport width on wheel, less dividers 2.5 m
8.1 ft
Transport length, hitch extended 15.3 m
50.1 ft

Draper belts

Width Wide rubber skim-coated 710-ml (24-oz) drapers: 1,067 mm
41.6 in.
Operating speed 0-225 m/min
0-742 fpm
Speed control Hydraulic from cab

Gauge wheels and transportation

Gauge wheels Optional
Integrated slow speed transport system Optional includes dual gauge wheels

Header height sensing

Header height sensing on the ground Float springs on traction unit
Header height sensing off the ground Return to cut height standard
Gauge wheels optional


Reel type Pick up cam 4 position adjustable release
Number of bats 5 bats split span
Fingers Heavy-duty plastic
Diameter 1,650 mm
65 in.
Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic with header index
Reel lift Hydraulic
Reel fore and aft Hydraulic
Operating speeds 0-85 rpm


Approximate weight (pickup reel) 2,451-2,633 kg
5,400-5,800 lb